I have tried to come up with a 2000 pts. ‘Nidzilla with Stealers’ counter list and I need as much criticism and tips as you guys can give me before I go toe to toe with these guys again. Well here it goes:


2 x Shas’el + PR + MP + TA + HWMT
= 194 pts.


3 x Shas’ui team leaders + PR + MP + TA + HWMT
= 231 pts.


12 x 2 Fire Warriors + Shas’ui + bonding knives
= 270 pts.

11 Kroot
= 77 pts.

10 Kroot
= 70 pts.

2 x Warfish + FD
= 260 pts.


8 Path Finders + Warfish + FD
= 226 pts.

2 x Piranha + FB + TA + DL (separate units)
= 150 pts.


2 x Broadside + PR + MT
= 170 pts.

2 x Railheads + BC + FD + DL + MT
= 350 pts.

= 1998 pts.

What I learned from my last 1000 pt. game is that his stealers will be gunning for my ships right away, so I figured a good counter would be to throw on some fletchette dischargers. With those I would be killing 2 per assault if they came in groups of 8. Is it worth it or should my ships never be getting assaulted?

Another big help I noticed was having PR + MP. He likes his stealers with the 4+ armor, so with the PR + MP setup I could either target his MC’s or the stealers and get the most out of my XV8’s.

3 things I am not sure on:

First being the warfish. Is it worth having them as warfish or should I make them as regular devilfish? As it is, all of my army slot choices have been used so freeing up points would mean I would have to group my single units together to free up slots for more units, but I am not too keen on this.

Secondly, with a mobile list should I drop the XV88’s? I really like the amount of damage they will be able to hammer onto MC’s and what not, and I think they wouldn’t be too hard to keep safe. Am I totally wrong and are they actually going become a 170 pt. liability?

Thirdly is the 2 Piranha’s. With the 12” range of the fusion that means I could get assaulted in the next turn if I take a shot with it and not kill the opponent. What I would like to know is, is this what I want? I could have an annoying 75 pt. ship flying around doing as much damage as my railheads to his MC’s, and use it to mislead him from the rest of my army. Or would I be better with another XV8 doing this same kind of task?

I am pretty new to the game, so if there any flaws with my list can you please point them out even if they seem a little basic. Thanks.

Over and out.

P.S. Was anyone else having problems to access the site?