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    2000pt Tau - Need advice on how to work with Tau

    Have a possibility of obtaining a Tau army soon and I have a 2000pt list available of the models. Obviously most games are 1000 or 1500 so I would have to do some tailoring.

    How effective are the units and wargear selections for what I've put down and how would you tailor it for 1000 or 1500? I'm not new to 40K, however I've not had a chance to fully get to grips with the new Tau Empire codex.


    Tau Army 2000pts:


    132 Shas?o, Plasma rifle, Missile pod, Vectored retro thrusters, Stim injectors, Hard wired Multi tracker.
    50 Ethereal, honour blade


    116 5 Fire warriors, Photon grenades + Shas?ui, Markerlight, Marker drone.
    116 5 Fire warriors, Photon grenades+ Shas?ui, Markerlight, Marker drone.
    217 11 Kroot, + Shaper, Armour, 5 Kroot hounds, 2 Krootox


    211 2 Crisis suits, Plasma rifles, Missile pods, Multi trackers, + Shas?Vre, Plasma rifle, missile pod, Targetting array, Hard wired Multi tracker, Bonding knife.
    145 2 Stealth suits, Targetting arrays, + Shas?Vre with targeting array, marker light, hard-wired target lock.
    145 2 Stealth suits, Targetting arrays, + Shas?Vre with targeting array, marker light, hard-wired target lock.

    Heavy support:
    135 1 Broadside suit, Shas?Vre, Plasma rifles, Advanced stabilisation system, Hard wired Multi tracker, Hard wired Drone controller, 2 Shield drones.
    225 1 Broadside suit, Smart missiles, Drone controller, 2 Shield drones.+ Shas?Vre, Smart missiles, Targetting array, Hard wired Target lock, Hard wired drone controller, 2 Shield drones.
    205 Hammerhead gunship, Railgun, Smart missile system, Decoy launchers, Disruption pod, Multi tracker, Target lock, 2 Seeker missiles.

    Fast attack:
    48 4 Gun drones
    48 4 Gun drones
    206 8 Pathfinders, Devilfish, Decoy launchers, Disruption pod, 2 Seeker missiles

    My first observation would be that my troops are lacking. Only a small group of Kroot and only 10 Fire Warriors seems very low for 5th Ed, so maybe if I can find a local painter I'll think about investing in some additional firewarriors..........or kroot, depends how effective each is!

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    I would maybe drop both Gun Drone squads and add them ass Fire Warriors and drop one Seeker missile for the Hammerhead and take one flechette discharger for it.

    The reason why i would drop the Gun drones are that they need to get close so that means either deep striking them near the enemy which increases the chance for mishap.

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    - Ethereals are incredibly risky to take; your units need to see them to benefit from the rule and this usually means the enemy can see them too. The Ethereal will get shot and will probably die and your entire army might just start falling back; it's not worth it.
    - Don't bother with Photon Grenades, taking away the charge attack is pointless, your FWs will die in CC and if they're in CC not rapid-firing their uber-impressive S5 weapons they might as well be dead anyway.
    - Lose the Markerlights in the FW squads. Marker hits can only be used by another unit, they can't be used by the unit firing the Markerlight, (unless using Networked Markerlights via: Skyrays, Sniper Drone teams, and Marker Drones), and the unit type that usually uses marker hits are FWs themselves. I would limit my Markerlights to Stealth marker teams and Pathfinders.
    - Make the FW squad one big squad of 10 and buy more FWs. After you buy more FWs buy some more FWs. (P.S Buy more FWs).
    - Drop the Shaper, armor upgrade, and Krootoxes. Kroot are supposed to die, so why make them more expensive than they have to be.
    - I would make the Crisis suits two monats, each one a Team Leader with: Targeting Array, Hard-Wired Multi-Tracker, Missile Pod, and Plasma Rifle.
    - Make the Stealths one squad of 6 and leave the Markerlights at home.
    - Keep your Broadsides cheap, SMS and ASS are the only options you really need; throw in Shield drones if you have the extra points.
    - Burst Cannons are better than an SMS on Hammerheads.
    - Make the Gun Drones one squad of 8.
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