A friend of mine challeneged me to take on his Orks in 1500 points of combat. So after trying a very "dakka-heavy" build and having it be just about completely ineffective, I tried out the riskier CC strategy. It was going to be tricky but I didn't have many options left. When the dust settled I stood the victor by only a couple hundred points. What follows is somewhat of a repost from the "Animal vs. Vegetable" thread:

HQ 1: Malanthrope - 140

HQ 2: Hive Tyrant - 271
*Adrenal Glands - WS, Bio-plasma, Toxin Sacs, Toxic Miasma, 2x Scything Talons, 3x Tyrant Guard

Troops 1: Rippers - 30

Troops 2: 12x Genestealers - 252
*Extended Carapace, Feeder Tendrils

Troops 3: 12x Genestealers - 252
*Extended Carapace, Feeder Tendrils

Troops 4: 8x Spinegaunts - 40

Troops 5: 8x Spinegaunts - 40

Heavy 1: Zoanthrope - 45

Heavy 2: Carnifex - 215
*Adrenal Glands - I, Adrenal Glands - WS, Bio-plasma, Bonded Exoskeleton, Extended Carapace, Reinforced Chitin, Tail Weapon - mace, Toxin Sacs, Toxic Miasma, Scything Talons, Crushing Claws

Heavy 3: Carnifex - 215
*Adrenal Glands - I, Adrenal Glands - WS, Bio-plasma, Bonded Exoskeleton, Extended Carapace, Reinforced Chitin, Tail Weapon - mace, Toxin Sacs, Toxic Miasma, Scything Talons, Crushing Claws

His army consisted of a Big Mek with Shokk Attack Gun, a Trukk full of Nobs and Mad Dok Grotsnik, a big ol' squad of 'Ard Boys, a big ol' mess of Boys, and 5 Deffkoptas (2 held in reserve to Outflank). Fortunately for me he didn't run Thraka in the Trukk like I figured he would. Phew, lucked out there!

Since going the Dakka route was about as effective as...nothing in a previous battle, I decided to go all melee. However, like that strategy, I was to sit on my haunches until I could deny him a charge. After that it was CC out the wazoo until one of our armies emerged from the grinder as the victor.

The Malanthrope was to be a Nob killer and if needed would engage with Boys to cancel out their Feels No Pain with Anaphylactic Shock. The Hive Tyrant and Guard was on the other Flank to take on the squad of vanilla Boys. The unit of Spinegaunts in front screened my Genestealers "just in case" and also allowed my genies to fleet ahead and force the Boys to have to kill my Gaunts before eating into my second squad of 'Stealers. The Carnifexes were also to be Nob killers and attract Power Klaw attacks. As for the Zoanthrope and 8 other Spinegaunts...they were to stay out of the way behind everything else to scamper out late game and hold the central objective or board quarters. Oh and if you are wondering about the Rippers...they have to come with the Malanthrope. So meh.

You can imagine how things went, which was pretty much according to plan. He ran his Trukk into the middle of my army, unloaded the Mad Dok and his Nobs, moved the 'Ard Boys onto the objective, and ran for the objective to reinforce it. The Deffkoptas were to run interference. Fortunately my Genestealers and Malanthrope took out the three 'Koptas turn one and I consolidated behind my Gaunts as the plan. The battle with the Nobs was a big cluster-fudge with lots of swinging and flailing going on. Unfortunately he got the charge out of the vehicle so my genies took a huge beating.

The Tyrant cut off the reinforcements to the objective and one Carnifex went to reinforce my second squad of 'Stealers along with the Malanthrope. The other 'Fex went to take on the Deffkoptas that came in from Outflanking. It also took out his Trukk. All the while his Shokk Attack Gun was being very effective from about 4' away. That thing is annoying as all get out! Grrr!

So the playing field became an abbaitor and when the dust settled I had killed most of his army, got a board quarter, but couldn't hold an objective as the last of my 'Stealers died in the last turn. It was one helluva dice rolling battle and despite what you may think with all of the Rending Claws and Feeder Tendrils around my dice were absolutely hating me. I needed to rely on rerolls just to break statistical average. But I can't blame my models, such is the whim of luck.

Morals of the story: 1) Orks can be melee'd down as long as you have some help from MCs, S10, and Anaphylactic Shock, and patience. Fleet helps, too. 2) Find a way to take out the SAG. 3) Buy new dice.