Just wondering what you guys think of this list.

'El PR, TL flamer, HWMT

Cheep HQ allowing re-roll to wound. He stays back near the lines

Fast Attack

Pathfinders x8
Devilfish with Dpods

Gun Drones x8

Gun Drones x8

Pathfinders light stuff up and donate their DF as needed for transport. Drones deep strike in behind vehicles and get rear armor shots.


4x 10 Firewarriors


HH RG, 2x BC, Dpods

HH IC, 2x BC, Dpods

HH IC, 2x BC, Dpods

These guys don't really have to move. they land and create a LOS blocking wall unless it looks like they are going to get assaulted.

Playing all games on a 4x4 board, so I should be in range with firewarriors and everything else by the start of turn 2.