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    1750pt Project for '09

    Hi all,

    After some comments and feedback on the following list. I am mainly a Chaos player and dabble in Tau, so Eldar are a new one for me.

    Here goes


    Farseer: Runes of Witnessing, Runes of Warding, Doom



    6 Firedragons: Exarch, Dragons Breath Flamer, Crack Shot
    Waveserpent: Twin Eldar Missile Launcher, Spirit Stones

    6 Howling Banshees: Exarch, Executioner


    5 Pathfinders

    10 Direavengers: Exarch, Powerweapon, Shimmershield, Defend, Bladestorm

    10 Direavengers: Exarch, Powerweapon, Shimmershield, Defend, Bladestorm

    10 Defender Guardians: Shuriken Cannon, Warlock, Destructor
    Waveserpent: Twin Brightlance, Spirit Stones

    10 Defender Guardians: Eldar Missile Launcher, Warlock, Embolden


    Wraithlord: Brightlance, Wraithsword, 2 flamers

    3 Warwalkers: 2 shuriken cannons each

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    Well seeing as no one as commented on the list I'll take a crack at it.

    Avatar is nice, you also have a wraithsword totting wraithlord to run with him to scare opponents.

    The farseer could probably do without runes of witnessing, I find unless it is a power I am counting on the extra points and extra perils tests are not worth it.

    dragons in a serpent is solid, you got the stones and the EML is a solid choice. I like the exarch with the DBF, some will say to drop the exarch and get another firedragon and it is something to think about.

    the banshees generally need a full squad and a transport if you can get it, without the transport think of switching to scorpions ( still like full squads though )they can get inflitrate to get closer to the enemy and they withstand shooting better.

    troops are solid and 5 units is nice. consider moving the wave serpent to the banshees, or a DA squad (drive by bladestorms work wonders) If you want to keep the unit as guardians in the wave serpent go for storm guardians for the two more flamers it will keep the number of hits very hit and they are a bit better in melee if something goes bad.

    Heavy support

    The wraithlord generally needs the EML along with the brightlance to be a really good tank hunter. But without the sword it turns into a much less impressive melee threat. Would recomend trying a couple of different builds with it.

    Walkers are great if you plan to outflank them if they are going to be starting on the table I would suggest upgrading to scatter lasers the extra shot is nice but the extra range is golden for these fragile gun platforms.

    So there you go just my general thought on each of the units, over all I think the list is nice and oddly I feel that perhaps a few less boys to make room for some better toys might make a better overall list.

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    i echo most of what was already said. i think that the walkers most definately need upgraded to lasers. undoubtedly their best possible build for the points. the wraithlord also needs the EML instead of the sword. this is more for AT than melee. wraithlords are nice melee choices, and running with the avatar is a good idea, but you can still do just that without the wsword. you really pimped out your DA's, consider reading through the post in the eldar forums "how do you equip your dire avengers." i think that you might find some good information from many different perspectives. the thing with eldar is trying to figure out how to maximize each area so that it can have maximum effectiveness for the point value. with the new way of allocating wounds, it is possible to lose your exarch very early on, and then i believe you would lose all of his powers and all around goodness that is brought to the tabel by him. in your current build, he is worth about 70 points a piece (u have two) really a very juicy target. these points could potentially be used elsewhere to get more powerful weapons. 5 total troops is really nice, and great for the new style of play that will be going on with the new rules. nakaruru already mentioned it, but i am going to again, you really don't need an exarch in the fire dragons. they have str 8 ap 1 melta guns. if they are within 6 inches of their target they get to roll 2d6 armour pen rolls. with 6 of them, the likely hood of blowing up that vehicle is huge. consider dropping the ex and rolling with a standard dragon. that will save u quite a few points. also, like nakaruru said, banshees are fragile, and ppl know what they are and how good they are in cc now. for the most part. so, either throw the transport here, or cut em out and choose scorps as previously said. avatar farseer combo is great. however, drop all the gear, and either make him a strict doomseer, or upgrade him with stones and either fortune or guide. both have their advantages, and it comes down to ind playstyle. it will also matter where the farseer will be hanging out. if it is near the walkers, guide/doom is almost a guaranteed 18-24 str 6 shots per turn (with lasers). all in all, a really good go for a first list, really just some tweeking here and there, and u could have a really solid army. another option would be to nix the walkers, and go with 2 fire prizms. this is becomming more and more a staple in the eldar heavys. they can dish out 2 pie plates a turn for horde control, or 1 combined str pie plate for instant death roles on whole squads. mwaahhahahahaa.

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