Hi guys, i'm new to the forums and would like some advice on my army list. I think most of the critics will be about my hq (specifically the bodyguards) so plz tell me what you guys think and more important, what could be better.

Shas'el 87
plasma rifle, Missile pod

2xbodyguard 82
p. rifle, m. pod
multi tracker targetting array

2xcrisis 130
Targetting array

12 Fire warriors 120
DevilFish, Disruption pod 80

12 fire warriors 120

kroot 11+4hounds (101)

Fast Attack
6 Pathfinders 72
SMS Disruption 110
targeting array

Heavy support
Hammerhead, multi tracker, 165
burst cannons disruption pod

Hammerhead, multi tracker, 165
burst cannons disruption pod

2 Broadsides, team leader 180
2x stablisation t.lock

I'm used to playing quite static but am trying to be a bit more mobile. my usual opponents are chaos marines with space marines a close second (hence the t.linked plasma rifles)
Also some general tips about strategy and tactics would be appreciated (about how i should play a mobile list properly in particular)