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    1500 PTs of Farsight

    Hey everyone.

    After losing many games in a row to my tau with his chaos, my friend has started his Orks up, and after much debate (and heckling), I'm starting up a list based around Farsight and the forces he had while he battled the greenskins. Sine I love my crisis suits, I'm working up a list using exclusively FW models as my suits.

    So the goal of the list is not necessarily to be 100% competative WAAC, but instead to take the ideas & troops that Farsight had while he was commanding, and mold them into a great looking fluffy and fun to play force on the tabletop. The list should be a take-all-comers type list, with a very minor bent towards orks.

    With this idea in mind, I feel that it is necessary to take at least 1 unit from every division of the FOC. I feel this is more representative of the entire army as a whole.

    I'll try to explain my reasoning behind the units selection.

    Shas'O Farsight - 170
    (Big sword & some other junk...)
    I have to take him, based on fluff. He's not very efficient, and he's kind of a huge restriction on the army, but he's the whole premise.

    Shas'el Y'he Sha'is - 100
    I found the centurion to work wonders on certain enemies, and the 7 shots can take out hard targets pretty well. The CIB needs a bit of improvement, but it can cause serious havoc when it hits.

    Firestorm 4 - 65
    (Team Leader/BK/BC/MP/TA/HWMT)
    What, no Fireknife? I know, but I've found that in the cover-save-heavy game that we are playing of late, Firestorms work almost as well as the Fireknife, and are much more point efficient. The 24" effective range gives me a pretty good opportunity to cause some havoc, and still be relatively protected. The team leader is there because of a fluff reason (he lost his other team members in the fighting.

    Firestorm 4 - 65
    (Team Leader/BK/BC/MP/TA/HWMT)

    Deathrain Team - 103
    (Team Leader/BK/TLMP/Flamer & TLMP/Flamer)
    I am a recent convert to these guys. I think of them like my baby XV-88s.

    Firewarrior Squad w/Devilfish - 215
    (12 Firewarriors w/Shas'ui [BK], Devilfish w/DP)
    Effectively, 3 mounted FW squads that allow me to move quickly and take objectives when needed. They are pretty frail, but being able to scroe to the last man is a great thing.

    Firewarrior Squad w/Devilfish - 215
    (12 Firewarriors w/Shas'ui [BK], Devilfish w/DP)

    Firewarrior Squad - 130
    (12 Firewarriors w/Shas'ui [BK])

    Pathfinder Squad w/Devilfish - 191
    (8 Pathfinders w/Shas'ui [BK])
    I took these for the extra DF, and so that I can get some much needed upgrades for my HH & XV-88 suit. Plus, they actually take off some of the heat from the rest of the army for a turn or two.

    Broadside - 80
    (Advanced Stabilization System)
    I was really trying to find the points to upgrade this guy to a team leader (fluff), but I can't seem to find the 5 points anywhere. None-the-less, he is still an effective unit. My biggest debate of late has been to either go with the TA or the A.S.S.

    Hammerhead - 165
    It's a HH. I could use 5 more points for a target lock, but it should still work fine.



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    I dont really like that Farsigth he is extremly uneffective tried him against a Ork Warboss and well it didnt work out. And Farsigth eats up points u could use those 80 points that by onyl using a much more effective normal commander. That would give the HH target lock and get the ability upgread the XV-88 to a team leader

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