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    Tell me why this all-skimmer army wouldn't work

    I haven't really looked at my Eldar since 5th ed came out, and I was just playing around with the army list. I figured why not have an entirely mobile force? And given that Serpents seem to be a better gun platform than falcons, why not load up on them?

    1500 Pts

    HQ: Autarch (1#,
    Banshee Mask (BM);Power Weapon;

    2x Troops: Guardian Squad (11#, Pts)
    Scatter Laser (SctL)
    1 Wave Serpent @
    Energy Field (Wave Serpent); Spirit Stone (VpStn); TL Shuriken Catapult (TL-Scat); TL Bright Lances (TL-BL)

    2x Troops: Dire Avengers (11#, Pts)
    9 Dire Avengers @
    1 Dire Avenger Exarch @ [] Pts
    Fleet; Bladestorm (BS); 2 Avenger SC
    1 Wave Serpent @ [] Pts
    Energy Field (Wave Serpent); Spirit Stone (VpStn); TL Shuriken Catapult (TL-Scat); TL Scatter Laser(TL-SctL)

    Elite: Howling Banshees (7#,)
    5 Howling Banshees @ Pts
    1 Howling Banshee Exarch @ [] Pts
    War Shout (WS) Mirrorswords (Ms)
    1 Wave Serpent @ [100] Pts
    Energy Field (Wave Serpent); TL Shuriken Catapult (TL-Scat); TL Shuriken Cannons (TL-SCan)

    Heavy Support: Fire Prism ( Pts)
    1 Fire Prism
    Holo-Field (Vehicle) (H-F); Spirit Stone (VpStn); TL Shuriken Catapult (TL-Scat); Prism Cannon (PC)

    Seems like this would be a decent list for general use. Autarch with banshees, but that could be a farseer with doom just as easily. I just picked a cheap HQ.

    The issues I see right away are the following:
    --It might be a little rough from a kill point perspective
    --CC, is one unit of banshees enough to deal with threats to the guardians?

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    This list isn't far off of what I use. Only big changes are I use a farseer with doom and runes of warding and all my troops are storm guardians with a flamer warlock. Lastly I throw in extra prisms as points allow. Now at 1500 my list actualy doesn't have the banshees but they get to come out and play at 1750 and above. The list doesn't generally kill alot, but it can be fast and stay out of trouble. This means that in KP missions I generally only need a couple of KP to win as the opponent has a hard time lining up alot of high strength weapons on my tanks. For objectives its again about keeping safe, doing damage where I can and then overwhelming objectives with multiple tanks and flamer templates late game.

    As for CC if your entire army is mounted in the tanks you will generally only get into CC if you don't manage to kill the unit you targeted when you got out, if this happens it was your fault or bad rolling . I use the banshes to deal with good save units and to scare the enemy from getting to close to the banshees transport ( nobody likes power weapon wielding ladies charging into them ).

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