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    1750pt Tournament Army

    Comments and criticisms are welcome. This is my plan for a tourney list with some ideas for how I plan to use the army.


    Avatar 155

    Farseer: Doom, Singing Spear, Runes of Warding 98


    6 Firedragons: Exarch upgrade, Dragons Breath Flamer, Crack Shot 113
    Waveserpent: Twin-linkend Brightlances 135

    8 Howling Banshees: Exarch upgrade, Executioner 150


    5 Pathfinders 120

    10 Direavengers: Exarch upgrade, Powerweapon, Shimmershield, Defend, Bladestorm 177

    10 Direavengers: Exarch upgrade, Double catapaults, Bladestorm 152

    10 Guardians: Warlock with Destructor, Scatterlaser 130
    Waveserpent: Twin-linked missile launchers, shuriken cannon 130

    15 Guardians: Warlock with Embolden, Missile launcher 170


    2 Warwalkers: Double shuriken cannons 80

    Wraithlord: Brightlance, wraithsword 140

    Comes to 1750


    I have opted to have some units dual hatted with their roles.

    The larger guardian squad will act as a bodyguard for the farseer and sit back in cover. The howling banshees will either hang back with them as a counter-attack or support the dire avengers.

    The Avatar, Wraithlord and Direavengers will move forward to engage enemy units.

    The waveserpent guardians will act as troop killers or sit back and shoot light vehicles, but generally support the main advance, keeping close to the wraithlord.

    The firedragons will either seek out tanks, isolated vehicles/monsterous creatures or lend some flamer support.

    The warwalkers will either outflank or start on the table, depending on the type of army faced.

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    well it looks ok but i would drop the pathfinders and get another squad of gaurdians, also putting a dragons breath flamer on a tank hunting unit is like putting a shurkien cannon on a reaper exarch, it just doesnt work. also in my opinion you should move the farseer with the banshees in the transport and put the avatar with the gaurdians to hold objectives ( being fearless really helps plus an enemy will think twice before assulting the gaurdians if the avatar is with them.) instead of the shriken cannon on the W.S give it spirit stones to keep it moving.

    hope my advice helps good luck in the tournament!!!!

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    Perhaps change the guardians in the wave serpent to storm guardians for two more flamers? Also I would look at dropping the pathfinders for a waveserpent to carry the banshees. If you get into melee with your wraithlord you are wasting a very expensive upgrade in the brightlance. I would opt for a pure shooty lord or go with just the sword to keep the cost down.

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