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    1250 adapting to new edition and codex

    Luckily way back in the day jetbikes were in the army boxes so I have some...and stupid plastic trees.

    HQ Farseer w spear and fortune

    ELITE: 7 scorps w exarc w claw, and both powers
    Transported in a Waveserpent with scatter lasers and a spirit stone


    5 Dire Avengers

    10 Guardians w bright lance

    10 guardians w bright lance

    3 bikes, one with cannon

    3 bikes, one with cannon

    Vyper w missile launcher

    Vyper w missile launcher

    Falcon w missile launcher, holofield, stones

    Squad of 2 D-cannons

    Single Shadow weaver

    Models i also have
    -array of different support and heavy weapon options
    -more guardians (20+)
    -unpainted guardians that could be storm guardians
    -more DA (but no exarcs)
    -another farseer
    -5 Warlocks

    I could also make a minor purchase. Obviously it's easy to shift around psychic powers and not too hard with the vehicle upgrades.

    My intention is to counteract my generally poor CC ability with units cheap enough it isn't so bad to lose them to an expensive squad of assault marines.

    Scorps will use the outflank rule to get onboard in hopefully a good location.

    Farseer and DA will ride in falcon. FAQ allows farseer to use fortune from there. And the unit of troops means I could set the thing on an objective late in the game.

    Lances on guardians hopefully makes them worth noticing and gives some valuable anti heavy armor ability.

    In addition to critiquing the above what would you add first going to 1500 points? What would you pull going to 1000?

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    Off hand I would say combine the support weapons either all shadow weavers or all D cannons the solo shadow weaver isn't going to do alot and will be a quick kill point. I'm not a big fan of brightlances in guardian squads, maybe an EML instead? If you are fighting alot of high AV units then I could understand keeping them. I like bike squads in groups of 6 with a warlock going with them. At the least combine them if you can find points for a warlock even better.

    Shuriken cannons on the vypers would up the number of shots they get without hurting movement to much. War walkers would be another option as your list isn't fully mech.

    If you are dropping down I would look to loose the bikes, and either the support weapons or the vypers.

    Moving up I think a warlock or two in squads, and/or firedragons in a wave serpent for some powerfull anti tank.

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