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Thread: Necron 2000pts

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    Necron 2000pts

    Hi this is my first post here, i play tau and crons this is a list i use regulary have a look:

    Lord (Orb, GoF, Chronometron) 165
    Nightbringer 360

    10 warriors 180
    10 warriors 180

    7 Flayed ones 126

    Fast Attack
    5 Destroyers 250

    Heavy Support
    Monolith 235

    PO 7
    CRONS 31
    Total 1496

    My general strategy is the lord joins the flayed ones and deepstrikes, the warriors stay behind and hold OBJ while everything else advances with NB at the front

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    Well I must say you got a very...unconventional list running there Aun'so.

    Your lord can't deepstrike to my knowledge though sorry. That only worked with retinues last time I checked.

    You have alot of points in the "big hitters" category it seems. Though your list is surprisingly balanced. How do the flayed ones work out for you most days in a formation like that? Also if you're using your lord as an assault spearhead why don't you equip a warscythe? Sorry the questions may keep coming I'm very intrigued and curious about this setup as I've never really used anything like it.

    You ALSO promised a 2k list in your title and only gave us a 1.5k list, what's up with that?

    Welcome to LO btw.
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