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    1500 balanced, thoughts sought!

    Greeting folks!

    So I was tooling around with a balanced 1500 pt list, taking advantage of how much I love eldar skimmers. What are your thoughts? I won't both putting down specific point costs, it all fits it's just a matter of fudging everything to make it work.

    - Farseer

    - 2x Dire Avengers in a Wave Serpent w/ Bright Lance

    - 2x Fire Prism

    - Wraithlord

    - Squad of Harlies (footslog, shadowsweer, troupe master and all that jazz)

    - 2 squads of 3 jetbiks (held in reserve for late-game point capturing)

    So prisms in the back lobbing the hurt, avengers in serpents in the middle dealing with problems (lance for vehicle and bladestorm for infantry), while the lord and harlies buddy-system their way up the field.

    Harlies are hard to shoot (especially with mr. wraithlord firemagnet looking so scary) and are a balance between scorpions' effectiveness against light infantry and banshees awesomeness vs. heavy infantry. Whatever the harlies can't handle the lord can. AND the shadowseer negates the wraithsight rule.

    So it's mobile, plenty of anti tank, anti light infantry, anti heavy infantry, assault and shooty. It's got avengers for forward objectives and late-game jetbikes for rear-line objectives.

    The only other thing I was thinking was guardians in the rear with the gear instead of jetbikes, but the bikes are cheaper so I'm curious to try it out. That and I think the bike models look awesome!


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    I quite like it.

    The only thing that worries me is that the wraith lord may slow down the harlequins if they need to move through some cover. That and keeping the unit far enough away that stuff like battle cannons don't scatter off the wraithlord and waste your unit, as that 5+ inv save isn't terribly impressive.

    Am I right in assuming the farseer goes with a unit of DA?
    What sort of powers did you give it?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Decadence View Post
    The only thing that worries me is that the wraith lord may slow down the harlequins if they need to move through some cover.
    Page 51 of the Rule Book "Monstrous Creatures have the Move Through Cover rule."
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