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Thread: 1850-Eldar List

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    1850-Eldar List

    HQ-Farseer-ROW-Spirit Stones-Doom-Fortune-Guide

    Elite-Fire Dragons-Exarch, Dragons Breath Flamer, Crack Shot
    Wave Serpent-Spirit Stones-TL Shuriken Cannon

    Troop- Wraithgaurd-10-Warlock-Spiritseer-Conceal

    Troop-Dire Avengers-10-Exarch-Shimmershield-Defend-Bladestorm
    Wave Serpent-Spirit Stones- TL Shuriken Cannon

    Troop-Storm Gaurdians-11-2 Flamers- Warlock-Destructor
    Wave Serpent-Spirit Stones- TL Shuriken Cannon

    Troop-Storm Gaurdians-11- 2 Flamers- Warlock- Destructor
    Wave Serpent-Spirit Stones- TL Shuriken Cannon

    Heavy- Wraithlord-Eldar missle launcher- Shuriken Cannon
    Heavy- Wraithlord-Eldar missle Launcher- Shuriken Cannon

    Im so far undefeated with this list going 9-0 in friendly matches-

    Farseer Joins Wraithgaurd and supports
    Wraithgaurd shield Wraithlords giving them cover saves
    Wraithlords shoot at light vehichles and infantry

    Storm Gaurdians and Dire Avengers Hit enemy infantry while Fire Dragons Support them and target tanks or Monstrous Creatures.

    Thus far ive beat Tyranid Nidzilla list- Lysander Termi army- Flying Circus Eldar- Choas Slaanesh- 2 Space Marines- Green Tide Orcs- and Shooty Orcs- and Armored IG.

    40k Ultramarines W-44 D-12 L-14 (This record is a combined from ArdBoyz and RogueTraderTourneys)
    Warhammer Choas DaemonsW-4 D-0 L-2

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    the only thing i would say would be to put bright lances on the wraithlords so you have 2 anti tank weapons instead of a mix. but since you seem to be doing very well, it looks fine to me, albeit abit different from the norm (which is good cause i'm sick and tired of seeing the same lists pop up over and over again).

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