Tau 1000 pts starter army - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    Tau 1000 pts starter army

    HQ -

    Shield generator
    HW multi-tracker
    Stim injector

    Troops -

    2 Fire warrior units -250
    (10 models, 1 leader w/bonding knife)

    1 Kroot unit-77
    (11 kroot carnivores)

    Fast attack -

    6 Vespid stingwings-86
    (including strain leader)

    1 Pathfinder unit-153
    (2 standard carbine and markerlights, 2 rail rifle & target lock, includes devilfish)

    Heavy support -

    1 Hammerhead-195
    (Smart missle, Railgun, disruption pod, multi tracker, target lock, and targeting array)

    1 Briadside-90
    (Advanced stabilization system, and target lock)

    Overall total- 996

    I am aiming for a casual play list that offers a bit of flexability. More often than not I'll be squaring off against a friend's orkz. Anything I could improve on?

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    Well if you are playing orcs, you don't need two railguns. Also, the marker lights on the pathfinders are not networked, so you can't fire both. Instead, make them all carbines, so one unit per turn will get devestated! (especially bikerz, a big Boyz mob or nobz!)

    My list looks more like this:

    Shas'el Missile Pod, Plasma Rifle, multi-tracker 2 gun drones
    3 crisis 'Monat' with plasma rifle, fusion blaster, multitracker

    3 squads of 6 firewarriors
    3 squads of 12 firewarriors inc shas'ui, bonded

    3 squads of 4 pathfinders, with carbines
    3 devilfish
    3 broadsides, with Advanced Stabilization

    =1500 points, and has three independant units, some infiltrators, 3 tank/termie busting crisis, deepstriking and a commander to help out everywhere.

    for 1000 points, I would drop one of every unit (and something else) to give me two indipendant units.

    (also, any advice on my list would be appreciated!)

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