My brother and I are playing a 2v2 rubber match against our friends (also brothers). The first game we anhiliated them (Space marines vs. Orks), the second game they phased us out (Necrons vs. Daemons), and the third game we are going to use Orks to fight whatever they bring.

Here is my list.

Warboss, Powerclaw, Bike, Shootaskortcha, cybork--140
Big Mek, burna--55

14 kommandos, nob power claw, bosspole--180

8 burnaboyz--120x2

20 boyz, nob, powerklaw, bosspole--160x3
10 shootaboyz, bigshoota, trukk, rokkit launcha--105x2
Deff dread 2 skorchas--90

Heavy Support
2 killa Kans, rokkits--100

The burna boyz are going to mount the shoota boyz trucks on turn one, while shootas hold rear objectives. Everything else seems like it will run as it looks like it should. I dont' normally play orks so if there is anything I should change please let me know.