Hey Guys!

I hope to get this army list perfected and finalized soon, because I'm about to start a local League that should be a lot of fun!! PLease give me any opinions you have!

'Ere We Go!!

HQ Total 170pts
Warboss PK 85pts
Big Mek KFF 85pts

Troops Total 869pts
20x Shoota Boyz Nob PK BP- 160pts.
12x Slugga Boy Nob PK BP 157pts
Trukk Red Ram
12x Slugga Boyz '' '' 157pts
9x Nobz Painboy, Cybork PK 280pts
Battlewagon Deffrolla, Red 115pts

Elite Total 385pts
10x Lootas 150pts
15x Kommandos w/ Snikrot 235pts

Fast Attack Total 215pts
15x StormBoyz, Nob PK 215pts

Heavy Total 110pts
BattleWagon Deffrolla (shootas) 110pts

I hope I can keep most of the stuff on that list, but if I had to choose something to drop in favor of a better troops choice, I would probably choose either the Storm Boyz or the 2nd Battlewagon.

If I had more points, these are some things I would like to get.

1. Burna for the Kommandos
2. More upgrades for the Nobz
3. Guns or upgrades for the Battlewagons.
4. Nob Bikerz (though I only have 6x models)
5. Upgrades for the Warboss