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    1500 Tournament List help

    Okay i have a 1500 point tournament coming up. I have played some dark eldar but nothing larger than 1k. My friend gave me his dark eldar army for 60$, so it was just something fun.

    Can anyone help me build a list only using these models?

    40 Warriors-I can convert/fix for any special weapons.

    2 Raiders

    1 Ravager-Magnetized.

    10 wyches

    5 bikes, 1 is a sybarite/lord.

    1 talos.

    I was thinking, a wwp list? 2 units of 15 warriors with portals, 1 unit with raider, wyches, with raider, lord on bike with bike retinue, and talos.

    It's not super competitive, so dont worry.

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    I'll give it a shot.

    Dracon: Jetbike, Punisher, Tormentor Helm, Combat Drugs, Animus Vitae, Shadow Field, Plasma Grenades, Haywire Grenades

    3x Warrior Squad:
    - 10x Warrior: 2x Splinter Cannon, 2x Blaster
    - - Sybarite: Agoniser, Combat Drugs, Terrorfex
    3x 176 = 528

    Raider Squad:
    - 10x Warrior: Dark Lance
    - - Sybarite: Agoniser, Terrorfex
    - Raider: Horrofex, Scythes, Slave Snares, Torture Amp

    Wych Squad:
    - 10x Wych: Wych Weapons, 2x Shredder, Plasma Grenades
    - - Succubus: Agoniser, Combat Drugs
    - Raider: Horrofex, Scythes, Slave Snares, Torture Amp

    Reaver Squad:
    - 3x Jebikes: 2x Blaster
    - - Succubus: Punisher, Tormentor Helm, Combat Drugs

    Ravager: 2x Disintegrator, Dark Lance, Horrofex, Screaming Jets, Torture Amp

    Your model count is low, there's no denying that. Whether you play the Terrorfex like me or not, you will be causing a lot of Ld tests with this army. That's good, because any unit that is falling back is lessening their numbers advantage they have over you. I didn't go for the Webway Portal. I don't think it's for casual players. Heck, it's hard if you're a pro. The Dracon will rip apart anything he assaults (he can have 5 S7 attacks on the charge!), and you're going to need that in larger games. The best thing is that you have lots of wargear giving you lots of options. It should make for some fun, decisive games!

    Also, you could swap out some of the points for the trophy rack on squad leaders. I spaced on those when I wrote the list.
    Last edited by Krovin-Rezh; February 13th, 2009 at 06:05. Reason: Oops, bad math. Changed Archon->Dracon.

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