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    1500pts Orks speedy-ish

    This is what im currently testing. Haven't played much with my orks of late, now that i have started to redo my army to fit the new(ish) codex i am.


    Mek, kff: 85pts
    Mek, kff: 85pts


    15 kommandos, 2 burnas, Snikrot: 265pts


    19 orks, nob, claw: 149pts
    19 orks, nob, claw: 149pts

    10 grots, slaver, hound: 40pts

    Fast attack:

    20 storm boys, Zagstuk: 325pts

    3 koptas, rokkits: 135pts

    warbuggy, tracks, skorcha: 45pts

    Heavy support:

    battle wagon, big shoota, red paint, plates: 110pts
    battle wagon, big shoota, red paint, plates: 110pts

    2pts left

    Boys go in wagons, grots take home objective etc,

    cheers for looking

    Lord Opium

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    The concept is good, but I'd change a few things.

    1. You don't need more than one KFF, that's just a waste. One KFF can protect both wagons. Just keep them close together.

    2. You need bosspoles in the units of boyz. They effectively raise their leadership from 7 to 9, for close to no cost. You'd be surprised how quickly they lose fearlessness.

    3. I'd run either more buggies or more deffkoptas, or preferably, both. I usually run 2-3 warbuggies, and no less than 5 deffkoptas. If you don't have that many of either, I'd consider getting more. If that isn't an option, then I'd drop one of the two from the list, as it just adds too many 'easy' killpoints for your enemy to gain.

    4. I hate Zagstrukk. I've never seen him do anything besides get his entire unit killed. I'd switch him out for a normal nob with a powerklaw and bosspole.

    5. Having both kommandos and stormboyz in the list is overkill. You really need another scoring unit or two, so I'd drop one of the two units and either replace them with either another battlewagon filled with boyz, or two trukks of slugga boyz.

    6. I'd try and convert some deffrollas for the battlewagons, and perhaps switch out the armor plates for grot riggers.

    7. Finally, are the boyz in the wagons slugga or shoota? I'd use shoota. ^_^

    Good luck!
    "Any job worth doing, is worth doing with a powerklaw."

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