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    750 competitive army list

    so here is the deal i am in a league with about 7 people. we all play at one of my freinds houses and pay money towards the club. This month we are having a 750 point league and the winner gets about 40-50 bucks for warhammer. The other players in the league are 2 dark eldar, tyrnids, IG, Tau, and chaos demons. Most of our tables are only 6x4. So this is what ill be facing. Here is my army i thought up. (o and the battle are generally anihalation spearhead/pitched)

    The Army
    75 Farseer Guide
    (he will be with the bigger DA squad no singing spear so i could give both exarch Duel Catipults)
    104- 6 Dire Avengers Exarch with Bladestorm and Duel Catipults-in Falcon
    135- 9 Dire avengers Exarch with Bladestorm and Duel Catipults-wave serpent w/Farseer
    130-Wave Serpent Twin Scatter lasers and Star engines
    Heavy Support
    150-Falcon EML Star Engines
    150- Fire Prism Holo Fields
    (Most of my freinds fear the fire prism so im expecting them to shoot at it thus the holo fields)

    so the plan is that the wave serpent and falcon go flying up the table with star engine shooting with what they can while the fire prism take out anything scary. 2nd turn drop off the avenger squads have the farseer guide one then knock some infantry squads with bladestorm then jumping in the tanks while they reload after bladestorm The tanks then just take out the bigger stuff with their guns.
    (also ramming with the star engines they mose pretty far so how would that work? is it via able?)

    Any suggestions at all would be very helpful

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    Can only move 24" in the movement phase so thats the best ram you can get no 36" star engined rams. Personally I would drop the star engines and get some stones for the vehicles. Second I don't like the small DA squad to many points on the exarch and the blade storm is partly wasted on such a small squad. I would suggest maybe changing them to a storm guardian squad two flamers and change the flacon to a wave serpent. If you have the points left over go for a destructor warlock 3 flamers coming out of a transport will do as much or more dmg than and blade storm will, although you do need to be a bit closer for it to work. lastly I think doom would help your troops out more, so unless you were planning on hiding by the falcon to guide it I would switch to doom.

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