Ulthwe' at war - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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Thread: Ulthwe' at war

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    Ulthwe' at war


    farseer sianti'n - doom, stones, jetbike, storm, warding ;- 165
    *not a huge fan of jetbike but have read the thread on the conversions and wish to try the heavy weapon carridge

    farseer q'sandria - fortune, stones, mind war ;- 125
    *accompanies the black guardians


    5 fire dragons, exarch with pike ;- 100
    *cheap a-t will spend most of it's time with the guardians until a serpent is free to come back for em- serpent can always load em up first if circumstances favour them

    8 banshees, exarch with mirrorswords and warshout ;- 155
    wave serpent, stones, bright lance ;- 145
    *do i really need to say anything -if yes then fluffy, cool and devastating


    15 defenders, scatter laser, warlock with conceal ;- 175
    *not teribly effective at range but fluffy and great for taking or holding objectives

    15 defenders, scatter laser, warlock with conceal ;- 175
    *had to take 2 at least would've loved to take a 3rd squad or pump these to 20 but meh points arn't an eldars best friend

    5 pathfinders ;- 120
    *mainly for pinning secondly for psyche value -stick em on an objective and watch the number of shots the opponent will throw at em to move em

    5 pathfinders ;- 120
    *models look so damn cool had to take a second squad

    9 black guardians, warlock, bladestorm, defend, power sword and shimmer sheild ;- 165
    wave serpent, stones, bright lance ;- 145
    *sandy goes here hopefully picking off the fists before damage done but if not then fortune should keep em going till banshee help arrives

    fast attack

    2 vypers fully decked with shurikan cannons ;- 120
    *meh why not some fast buzzards

    2 vypers with shuriken cannons ;-120
    *really really annoying buzzards

    heavy support

    3 dcannons ;- 150
    *mostly cuz they're crewed by guardians and quick to paint

    3 d cannons ;- 150
    *pinning helps too and i REALLY hate painting tanks

    2 warwalkers with scatter laser's ;- 120
    *mostly cuz i have the models but also i want ot try to convert them into more vyperesque type grav units

    total points is 2250 exact and basic plan is to pin every thing while i gang up on a specific target

    Believe in me, even if we are torn apart our feelings will unite us that is what this post is all about.

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    I'm not seeing alot of use for the jetbike, I think it would be more effective in this list to make it a regular farseer on foot to save some points. Swapping storm for guide might help to the guardians arn't known for good shooting. I'd like to see another transport in there so you could use the firedragons and banshees early in the match instead of having to pick one or the other. I would also think of maybe changing up the D cannons make one set vibro or shadow weavers just for some extra range. If you went with the shadow weavers you would even have some points to play with. Last maybe upgrade a couple of the scatter lasers to emls for a bit more AV hunting power. It does have a Ulthwe feel to it ,hopefully people to respect your guardians until it is to late. I know that most my opponents don't realize how deadly they can be with the right support.

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