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    1k Eldar vs Guard

    Just picked up my Eldar army after leaving the game and selling all my nids 6 years ago, but I have ZERO experience against the guard. I know hes taking his command, kasrkin, 6 squads, a sentinel, russ and heavy weapons team. Not too sure what weapon choices or gear he's taking though.

    Here's what I'm considering:

    Farseer - Eldritch storm, singing spear
    Dire Avengers x10 - Exarch, dual SC, bladestorm
    Waveserpent - Twin BL, Shuriken Cannon

    12 Guardians - EML

    6 Scorpions - Exarch, Chainsabre (ya, not the best option but i think it looks the best )
    Falcon - Pulse Laser, EML, Shuriken Cannon, holofield, spirit stones

    5 Spiders - Exarch, dual spinners, Surprise, Withdraw, Powerblades

    Warwalker - Twin Scatter Lasers

    Totals 1000pts exactly

    Take out heavy weapons, Waveserpent & Falcon should be enough anti armor for the tank & sentinel. Tanks would then narrow firing lanes to protect the avengers & scorpions, and tank shock his face off w relative safety.

    Spiders would deep strike in to drop the HW team ASAP, then move onto the command squad. Warwalker would focus on the command to increase chances of tank shock and pinning x3 (storm, EML x2)

    Farseer rides with the avengers. Get shipped out to the front and detach from the avengers. Storm one group while avengers shoot up another. Farseer will assault if necessary to keep avengers out of combat to keep shooting. Avengers would mostly focus on his troops.

    Scorpions will focus on troops too. High armor, str & attacks should work well vs low toughness, attacks & armor.

    I'm just not too sure what to do with the Kasrkin or high high of a threat they will be? They seem to be upgraded guardsmen but not overly impressive at the moment, and pretty low on the hit list.

    Other options would be to ditch the farseer & spiders for 6 dragons + exarch to ride in the falcon, scorpions infiltrate in and include an autarch with a jump pack, scorpion chainsword, mandiblasters, & fusion gun. This may be too much anti armor for what I'm facing though?

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    Seems fairly solid. If he hasn't taken the carapace armor doctrine for his guardsmen, even catapults will shred them to bits. The spiders are also ideal for taking out the sentinel. The key to fighting the guard gunline (assuming hes running that) is to get in his face as fast as possible on the weakest side of the line, and have his own units block LOS, though in this case he only has one tank to do that. By heavy weapons team, do you mean a heavy weapons platoon? If thats the case get into close combat with those guys ASAP before they dish out the hurt.

    If you can get the points for fortune that would be really nice. Even though the guardsmen suck, with that many shots, its inevitable that they will drop a few guys, so being able to reroll those saves is great.

    And kasrkin aren't all that great. They get a better save than regular guardsmen, have a better weapon that still has no AP, and i think they can infiltrate or deep strike for a little extra. If he infiltrates these guys in an attempt to slow you down, just ignore them and head for the gunline.
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