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    1000 point doubles suggestions

    Hey me and buddy have 24,000 points of orks at our disposal so nothing is off limits. We both want to run orks so, also no issue there. My 1000 is typically Da deff-wing which is a list thats just fun to play, but cant win a game what so ever

    2 warbosses in mega armour

    20 mega armoured nobs

    Da deff-wing!!!!

    So yeah, any suggestions/ ideas on 2 good 1000 point ork lists. Ones that accent each other ya know. So far I'm thinkin speed freaks but have no clue how to run it/build it properly.

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    Have you checked out the topic called 'the basics' in the Ork 2009 index? If not, it's a good place for general advice. A few people and myself helped put it together for Ork beginners.

    Meganobz won't last on foot. They need either trukks or battlewagons to survive, and units of 10 is overkill, especially since power weapons and powerfists eat them alive.

    If you really want to use an all meganob army, here's how I'd do it at 1000 points (although you could really use some grotts, just for claiming objectives):


    Warboss w/mega armor, cybork, bosspole [115]

    Warboss w/mega armor, cybork, bosspole [115]


    4 Meganobz w/3 combi-scorchas, trukk, ram [215]

    4 Meganobz w/3 combi-scorchas, trukk, ram [215]


    3 Meganobz w/2 combi-scorcha, trukk, ram [170]

    3 Meganobz w/2 combi-scorcha [130]


    Looted wagon w/big shoota [40]

    Why use a looted wagon instead of a trukk? You want to field as big and oversized a wagon as possible, so you have something to stand in front, to obscure the trukks behind it. A battlewagon would be better, but you can't really afford it at this point level without cutting a meganob out of each of the units of 4.

    In general, the secret to speed freaks can be summed up as: Nob bikers, Meganobz in vehicles, sluggas in trukks, shoota boyz in battlewagons, a KFF to obscure all the vehicles, a ram or deffrolla on every vehicle, grotts to claim the objectives in your own deployment zone, and lootas and/or rokkit buggies to lay down some cover fire.

    Good luck!
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