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    Altansar 1850 Tournament

    Here's my attempt at an expansion to my 1750 list which is a hybrid Eldar list which is composed of a small mechanized wing with a strong firebase using Warp Spiders and possibly the Jetbikes as the linking units. When I was thinking about what to fill the 100 point void with, I found that I was just loading up my two Farseers with options as the rest of the list didn't really benefit well from just 100 extra points. I came up with the solution that my Farseers normally only cast Doom (I like my Farseers cheap and effective for their purpose,) so I decided to drop the 2nd Farseer present in my 1750 list and add runes of witnessing to guarantee the Doom goes off since I now only have one Farseer. With the remaining points, I dropped one of my Harlequins, changed another to a Death Jester, and added Maugan Ra to fill the dropped Harlequins spot and add even more shooting and CC punch to my Harlequin squad.

    Farseer - 108
    ---Runes of Warding
    ---Runes of Witnessing
    ---Singing Spear
    Maugan Ra - 195
    2 x 10 Dire Avengers - 152 [304]
    ---Dual Avenger Catapults
    2x Wave Serpent - 130 [260]
    ---Eldar Missile Launcher
    ---Spirit Stones
    6 Guardian Jetbikes - 152
    ---2 Shuriken Cannons
    5 Rangers - 120
    7 Harlequins - 206
    ---Troupe Master
    ---Power Weapon
    ---Death Jester
    ---5 Harlequins Kiss
    ==Fast Attack==
    8 Warp Spiders - 193
    ---Dual Death Spinners
    ==Heavy Support==
    2x Wraithlord - 155 [310]
    ---Eldar Missile Launcher
    ---Bright Lance
    ---Dual Flamers
    TOTAL - 1848

    Farseer rides with one of the DA squads and Dooms whatever they plan to shoot at that turn. Maugan Ra deploys with the Harlequins and together with the Wraithlords, they form my anvil/firebase with the Rangers close by. If the enemy is essentially a gunline like IG, then Ra will probably hitch a ride in the second DA Wave Serpent and provide his assistance and CC power to the frontline. Warp Spiders harass units and finish off stragglers like they do best. Jetbikes usually stay hidden to turbo-boost to an objective (two if they're close enough) on turn 5 (or the final turn if the game has to end early in a tournament), and snipes stuff if the opportunity arises.

    All in all I think it's a very well-rounded force with reasonable fluff to go with it (Maugan Ra is from Altansar after all, and Altansar was in the eye of terror for a long time so the Harlequins are reasonable enough.)

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