A few friends have convinced me to go to an 1850 40k tournament in about a month. I've never played with tau at anything above 1500 and I'm a bit short on points so this is nearly every model I own. I am however willing to purchase more models to modify the list, any input would be greatly appreciated.


2 Deathrain with Teamleader/HWTL-116
2 Deathrain with Teamleader/HWTL-116
5 Stealth Suit, Teamleader with Markerlight/HWTL/HWDC/Marker Drone/-205

12 Firewarriors, Devilfish DP-205
12 Firewarriors-120
14 Kroot-98
10 Kroot, 6 Kroot Hounds-106

Heavy Support
Hammerhead Railgun/Burstcannon,TL,MT,DP-170
Hammerhead Railgun/Burstcannon,TL,MT,DP-170

The total is 1667 for a 1850 tournament, I do i have another Hammerhead but i think it would be much more effective to buy 2 broadsides and add to the list:

2 Broadsides,DC 2 Shield Drones,ASS-180

That would bring my list to:1847 Total

A few notes: I've come to really hate the 6 man squad of pathfinders, if they don't die in the first few turns even in cover then they usually aren't being very effective. They seem to be the only squad that is always in line of sight of shooting, and also are a large threat considering their point cost and most opponents will easily dispose of them. However I've never fielded them in very large squads, but in my list i only ever really need 2 or maybe 3 or 4 ML's on any given unit so a bigger squad would only serve as meat shields but it might be harder to hide them well. I can easily cut some kroot or drones and buy more Pathfinders for my army. Also, I have never played in an 1850 tournament in 5th ed, and i think 5 troop choices seems much more effecient then 4 especially when the ones i have are rather fragile, or I could just be entirely wrong due to inexperience at that level.