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    1600 Points Tournament

    Hey there, this is my first list I will use for a tournament. I´ve never played this list before. Today I received my FW bikers and got started with them. The rest of the army is allready in tournament state.

    HQ: Warboss, bike, cybork, PK, attack squig 150pts (if I had points left I would give him a shoota-skorcha
    Troops: Nob (6), 480pts (The only problem I see with this unit might be the size
    1 Painboy equppied with Dok's Tools, 'Urty Syringe and Cybork Body 80pts
    1 Nob Biker equipped with Power Klaw, Combi Skorcha, Waaghbanner and Cybork Body 105pts
    1 Nob Biker equipped with Power Klaw, Combi Skorcha, and Cybork Body 90pts
    1 Nob Biker equipped with Big Choppa, Combi Skorcha and Cybork Body 70pts
    1 Nob Biker equipped with Big Choppa, Slugga, Bosspole and Cybork Body 70pts
    1 Nob Biker equipped with Big Choppa, Slugga and Cybork Body 65pts
    Fast Attack: Stormboyz (19), upgrade Nob, PK 275pts (this isn´t the best unit I know, but I had 3 units of this in the previous edition and these models are stunning, I want to trade them for another shoota mob if my converserions are all ready.
    Troops: Shoota (30), big shoota (3), upgrade Nob, Bosspole, PK 235pts (I can imagine that it will be temping to use the big dakka instead of running, so would it better to swap the big shootafor the overall 24 range weapons
    Troops: Shoota (30), big shoota (3), upgrade Nob, Bosspole, PK 235pts
    Elites: Lootas(15) 225pts

    Pts: 1600 Killpoints: 6 Scoring: 3 (very little on scoring, hmmm

    Any suggestions will be nice

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    Hmmm, interesting list. My first concern would be what you already pointed out: There is only 3 scoring units. I'd consider trading the Storm Boyz or finding points else where to get a fourth scoring unit, even if it's a small unit of grotts that you can use to sit on a home objective. Warbosses always say if you're taking Nobz, Go big! But with all those extra combi scorchas and big choppas you went REALLY BIG. Perhaps you could scale back those upgrades and use the points.

    Second, What is your game plan for dealing with heavy tanks? You have very little anit-tank in your force. All of the weight is placed on the Nob Biker's PKs which is an excellenct CC anit-tank option. Unfortantely you don't have much more. The Lootas will be a great anti-infantry / anti-light tank, but what about getting another mid to long range anti-tank option into the army via Killa Kanz with KMBs, rokkit buggies, or deffkoptas with rokkits? (I suppose the Storm Boyz Nob can help with this as well)

    Lastly, I'd keep the big shootas in the shoota squads.

    Hope that helps,


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