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Thread: Viable List?

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    Viable List?

    I played a game last night and although i had fun, i most certainly played wrong and my rust is definatly showing! But here's the list i played at 1,000 pts.

    Big Mek w/KFF+ Burna+ cybork

    30 boyz + nob w/Pk

    30 boyz + nob w/pk

    3 deffkopta's w/ TL-rokkits

    2 Deff Kopta's w/ TL-Rokkits

    3 bikers + nob w/PK

    Don't worry about play, i ran this list like crap, and my bad skills were showing all night. I was playing an eldar army that looked like:
    farseer w/ doom and fortune
    12 dire avengers w/ bladestorm
    12 dire avengers w/ blade storm
    2 fire prisms w/ star engines and ????
    6 seer council on bikes w/ 2 destructors

    So I just wanna know if it wasn't just my terrible skill, but maybe a bad list build
    PM me about Aurora Prime Vassal fights! Willing and ready!

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    well first of all you should use shoota boyz if your running a hord, and max them out with big shootas, the deffkoptas are good, if your going to use nob bikers take a warboss instead of big mek so they can hold objectives, also give them a painboy. i like mechanized orks better than foot slogging orks, and you should combine those deffkoptas so youll have 5 in one squad so they wont have to take a leadership test when they loose a single copter

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