Huhu peeps,

I've been working on my Deff kOrks of Krieg (Deff Orks of Krieg) for some time now, and it's about time for my boyz to shoot some peeps up. I'm VERY new to Orks so I don't know all the ins and outs yet, PLUS I wanna stay in theme.
So that means that tincans/bikers/deffkoptas are not really viable seeing as Krieg doesn't really use any of these.

I was thinking about:

Powerklaw, Eavy armour, kombi-skorcha
95 pnts

Big Mekk
Shokk attack gun
100 pnts

Boyz squad 1
10 boyz + Nob with pole and klaw
The warboss goes along with these
141 pnts

Boyz squad 2
11 boyz + Nob with pole and klaw
147 pnts

Boyz squad 3
19 boyz + Nob with pole and klaw
2 Big shootas
170 pnts

10 Gretchin with Runtherd
40 pnts

Deffkoptas (I know... I know...)
5 Deffkoptas
175 pnts

The deffkoptas will eventually have to go as I aquire more models, probably getting replaced by Krieg Centaurs (Buggies).
I'll be using Krieg Prisoners as Gretchin once FW descides to start shipping

So what do you guys think sofar? Will this be able to not completely disgrace itself?