After deciding to try a squad of 5 pathfinders in 1000 pt tournament i was very satisfied and surprised at how well they did, so i made and played an alaitoc list at a tournament recently and i just wanted some comments or suggestions on any changes i should make.

It was a fun army to field and was quite effective as far as i could tell. My first game was against chaos with a lash sorcerer and lash daemon prince, land raider, some berserkers and some marines in rhinos and a demolisher, it ended a draw although i nearly tabled him. My next game was against nids, he had a bunch of genestealers outflanking, it was the only 40 k game ive ever played were i didnt lose a single model(scratch that, rolled doubles for my warp spider movement once) nor get into close combat with his genestealers and so i won the round as it was an annihilate type game. My third game ended as a very close loss to a chaos player with abbadon with berserkers in a landraider, three oblits, and a rhino with plague marines. It was capture and control and he won by taking out the last of my jet bikes. The biggest flaw in my list is how to deal with landraiders. I do have a fusion gun and my warlocks, and i always forget that the autarch comes with haywire grenades. The exarch withdraw power came into play more often than i thought it would, it gave me a chance to withdraw and kill the first players daemon prince. Please add any suggestions that you think would enhance the army even more.

Warp jump generator
Fusion gun
Power weapon


7 Harlequins
Troupe master
Power weapon
shadow seer
6 kisses


5 pathfinders

5 pathfinders

X2 3 jet bikes:
Shuriken cannon

Fast attack:

9 warp spiders:

Heavy support:

3 war walkers:
6 eml’s