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Thread: First Waagh

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    First Waagh

    Hello All. I usually play marines but have decided to start a Waagh. I just got the codex and have never written an ork list before so tell me what you think!

    WAAGH Griztint- 1000 pts
    HQ-105 pts
    Big Boss Griznit-105 pts
    -‘Eavy Armor
    -Cybork Body
    -Power Klaw
    -Twin Linked Shoota

    Da Nobz-150 pts
    -5 Nobz w/ ‘Eavy Armor and Big Choppas

    Troops-455 pts
    Da Boyz-280 pts
    Mob 1-140 pts
    -19 Boys
    -1 Nob with Big Choppa

    Momb 2-140 pts
    -19 Boyz
    -1 Nob with Big Choppa

    ‘Ard Boy Mob-175 pts
    -15 ‘Ard Boyz
    -1 Nob with Big Choppa

    Fast Attack-105 pts
    Deff Kopta Boyz-105 pts
    -2 Reguler Deff Koptas
    -1 Rokkit Launcha Kopta

    Heavy Support-
    Da Killy Supreem-185 pts
    -‘Ard Case
    -4 Big Shootas

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    ~Thomas Resinus

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    Looks fairly solid, aside from three minor issues that should be considered for change.
    • Every mob with a Nob should have at least one Nob with a Power Klaw!! Its da law! This means one Nob in the Nob squad, and each Nob in the Boyz squad.
    • You should not take Deff Koptas except in units of 1, or in units of 5. They have a very high chance of losing a single model and spending the rest of the game fleeing, with only three Koptas.
    • The Battle Wagon is much more useful with a Deff Rolla. If you want some artillery, I suggest going with a Looted Wagon with Boomgun. It is much deadlier (+12" range and +1 Str) and much cheaper! It will free up enough points to give 4 of your Nobz PKs.
    • One final thing you may wish to consider.. But this is more a point of prefference than anything. Ork Boyz are better with strength in numbers, not strength in armour. Having 15 Boyz with 'Eavy Armour.. all they need is one round of fire from a Devastator squad, and they're likely to break! I'd consider removing their armour, bumping them up to 20 boyz, and giving your Nobz and Boyz a boss pole.
    If you take these changes into consideration, I'd spend the points first to up the Deff Koptaz to 5x, then buy a small unit of Grots to stand infront of the Looted Wagon (so it doesn't go careening wildly across the battlefield if you roll a Don't Press Dat!, and to claim your home objectives. The latter is a VERY important point, as you wont be wanting to run one of your Boyz squads back to your home objective come end game. And finally, if you have enough points left over add another mob of 20 boyz with a PK Nob. If not, then add more boyz to your three remaining mobz.

    Good luck, and welcome to the Waaagh!
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