3 Warlock Retinue

10 Fire Dragons
--Fire Pike
-Wave Serpent
--Star Engine
--Spirit Stones
--Twin linked Starcannon

10 Howling Banshees

10 Dire Avengers

10 Dire Avengers

11 Guardians

10 Warp Spiders
--Additional Death Spinner

3 Base Heavy Support Battery
-3 D-Cannons

5 Dark Reapers
--Fast Shot

-Scatter Laser

Total 1849

well, I like to have as many aspects as i can, but anyway. simple notes.
The guarians w/ the warlock will accompany the wraithlord, so he doesnt get caught up with the tiny rabble.

I planned on keepin the farseer guiding the Dark Reapers

evrybody else just does what they do.
reapers blow things up, banshees support any DA that get caught in CC, spiders jet around and try to pick out unourmoured guys first, and the fire dragons ride their serpent to the tanks and other fun meltables.

Idk, first attempt at a list, ive only played a coupleother games with lists from the site. Lemme know what you think.