If I got :

Codex Tau
Battle Force x 2 [crisis suit, 3 stealth suits, drones, devilfish, 12 firewarriors 12 kroot (all x2)]
3 pathfinders
3 pathfinders w/rail rifles
2 Skyray Missile ships [you can build them as hammerheads either ]
2 Broadsides
Crisis Commander (to get all the funky weapons)

Then I would have:
Commander Shas'El
Targeting Array (+1BS)
Cyclic Ion Blaster,Plasma Rifle,HW Multi Tracker,Ejection System

XV8 Crisis Suit Shas'Vre
Airburst Frag Launcher,Twin Linked Burst Cannon, HW Multi Tracker

XV8 Crisis Suit
Missile Pod, Targeting Array (+1BS),HW Multi Tracker,Plasma Rifle

5 XV15 Stealth Suits
Shas'Vre{HW Drone Controller + Marker Drone}

12 Fire Warriors
Shas'Ui,Bonded,HW Drone Controller + 1 Marker Drone

12 Fire Warriors,

Disruption Pod

12 Kroot

12 Kroot

6 Pathfinders
3 Rail Rifles

Disruption Pod

2 XV88 Broadsides
Advanced Stabilsers

Skyray (6 Seeker Missiles, 2 networked marker lights, target lock)
Smart Missile System,Targeting Array (+1BS),Multi Tracker,Disruption Pod

Hammerhead (targeting array)
Railgun,Smart Missile System,Multi Tracker,Disruption Pod

I have some points spare so could stick in a few drones or give one of the broadsides a multi tracker so they can shoot seperatly.

Its 1750 pts ?

Advice / comments welcome esp in relation to XV15 suit configs