Alzer plays with someone else's 'dex (1.5k pin happy) - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    Alzer plays with someone else's 'dex (1.5k pin happy)

    ALright, so looking around the Eldar 'dex I realised it has a load of units with pinning. So I decided to write a list designed to include these options and see what would happen! Came out with something like..this

    HQ: Autarch w/WP, PW, DS, MB - 120
    Trp: 3x8 Rangers = 456
    FA: 2x8 Hawks w/ exarch - sunrifle, SL each - 420
    FA: 8x W. Spyders w/ exarch - PB, SR, - 203
    HS: 2x2 Warwalkser, x2 EML each, SS - 300
    Total: 1499

    Autarch goes with the spyders as an assault squad, figured it could be worth a shot or something. Rangers all take up cover and start sniping at things with big armor, or low LD.
    Hawks and WW in reserves. WW to outflank and come in to take down tanks/mass blast and pin troops. Hawks for pretty much the same purpose, with the added bonus of a sunrifle for pinning if necessary. Hopefully with that many pinning shots a round, I could get the other guy's army to sit with their head down for the entire game whilst I just cram shots into them and storm weak units with the Spyders.

    Since this list will very likely never see the light of day feel free to tear it into the tiniest pieces you can imagine.
    Except one thing. First person to say anything about "bladestorm Avengers" will be shot.

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    1. I like the autarch and spiders, though spiders in assault is not a great place to be unless they've sucessfully softened them up.

    2. I like your troops choices, since i hate the troop-choice-that-shall-not-be-named.

    3. I'm sick of numbered responses, here's the rest of the post in normal:

    your anti-tank is lacking and easily killed, I would personally reduce the squad sizes of both hawk squads to minimum and sneak in something else. Similarly, reduce your pathfinder squad sizes to fit more squads in for splitting fire and holding objectives. (Unless you're worried about killpoints)

    I doubt this would be competative, especially with all the ITP armies nowadays, but it would be fun to play.
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