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    1000pt Eldar Competition list.

    HQ - 80pts

    Farseer with Doom 80pts

    Elite - 271pts

    5x Fire Dragons
    1x Exarch with Firepike and Tank Hunters 131pts
    Wave Serpent TL EML and Shuriken Cannon with Spirit Stones 140pts

    Troops - 539pts

    9x Dire Avengers
    1x Exarch with 2 Cats and Bladestorm - 152pts
    Wave Serpent TL Bright Lances and Spirit Stones - 135pts

    9x Dire Avengers
    1x Exarch with 2 Cats and Bladestorm 152pts

    10x Gaurdians with EML platform - 100pts

    Heavy - 110pts

    Wraithlord with Shuriken Cannon and Wraithsword - 110pts

    Total 1000pts

    Farseer will run with the dire avengers in the wave serpent and cast doom on something every turn. They will be used to clear objectives or contest in the end game. Fire Dragons will troubleshoot Tanks and Monstrous creatures. The Gaurdians and the other DA squad will hang back and hold objectives while the gaurds take potshots with the EML for pinning infantry or popping light tanks. Wraithlord is counter assault to protect the troops not in Transports and to deal with any Dreadnoughts that might drop in.

    Will this work at all? I have other models like Banshees, Fire Prisms, Autarch, Avatar, War Walker. Let me know what i should change.

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    I've always been against a Fire Dragon exarch.

    If you're shoving six melta shots into a vehicle, it is going to be destroyed. Tank Hunters is really unnecessary.
    Additionally,the Exarch's firepike may be an 18" melta weapon, but using it ends to be at the cost of the rest of the squad being out of range.

    You could spend the 35 points elsewhere such as buying two more Fire Dragons or getting your Farseer the power "Fortune".
    Two more Dragons increases survivability and pours even more melta guns into the group.
    Last edited by Absolutionis; March 12th, 2009 at 21:45.

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    Agree with the above post, especially in small games the Exarch isn't worth it. I'd rather take two more dragons for the cost. As for Guardians while they can be effective you're only hitting with that missile 50/50 a squad of 5 rangers on the other hand are just as good at pinning infantry, have rending as well as ap1 hit rolls and survive a lot better when shot at due to + 1 cover save. Much better objective holders imo. Thanks to rending as well they can also with some luck pop light vehicles so good all round

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