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    My first orky army! 1000 points

    Here goes nothing, criticism is welcome

    Big Mek with KFF and shoota/scorcha kombi- 90 points

    Battlewagon with deff rolla and big shoota and red paint- 120 points

    20x shoota boyz in battlewagon with 2 big shootas, nob with pk and bosspole- 170

    2x trukk with red pain and ram- 45 each= 90

    12 trukk boyz with nob w/pk and bosspole- 112

    11 trukk boyz with nob w/pk and bosspole- 106 (big mek goes in this trukk)

    10 x lootas- 150

    20 x slugga boyz with nob and pk/ bosspole- 160

    Battlewagon goes in front of both trukks as a sort of a convoy. It provides cover for both of the trukks and each round they'll be within 6'' to gain the kustom force field save. the footslogging boyz will run each round (hopefully in cover) to get closer to the enemy.

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    looks like a pretty good 1k list, although i would turn the foot sloogers into shoota boyz just because with the speed of the rest of your army they really wouldnt do anything till turn 4 or 5. Instead of just running the entire game to get to one point you could have them shooting as soon as turn 2 and then the could cover more of the board. Just my personal opinion.

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    Looks fine, although you might want to consider dropping a few points here and there, and field a small unit of 10-16 grots w/runtherder. That way you won't have to sit one of your units of boyz on an objective for the entire game, and in other missions they can march in front of your footslogging boyz.

    For points you can always cut 1 loota, the red paint, and the deffrolla (deffrollas are nice, but grots are more important at this point level).

    Good luck!
    "Any job worth doing, is worth doing with a powerklaw."

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