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    Ride donating list (1500)

    Alright first I'll lay out the list along with basic reasons.

    Anti Monstrous creature/Dread squad
    While usefull against most any enemy unit. When I really think I'll be glad to have these guys is when big bad nasties are on the table that are exceedingly hard to clear with anything else due to their high toughness, invulnerable save, and pile of wounds.

    Farseer, fortune (may or may not actually join in with the squad in a CC due to vulnerability to insta kills.)
    7 Warlocks 1 w enhance 1 w embolden
    wave serpent with bright lances

    415 points

    Anti hoard/squad group
    Farseer, fortune, runes of warding(just so useful when it comes up), singing spear
    10 scorps one upgraded to an exarc with claw, biting blade, and stalker
    wave serpent with bright lances

    435 points

    Donatable Serpents
    2x Wave Serpents with scatter lasers 230 points for both These serpents may be sent out empty with the loaded serpents. They can get in front at least getting the serpents behind cover saves, which the farseers can than make re-rollable. If something should happen to the loaded serpents the troops inside could just mount up in the donated one and keep going.

    "Base" units 395 points total

    10 Guardian unit with EML
    10 Guardian unit with EML
    10 Guardian unit with Scatter laser

    2 D-cannons
    The D-cannons set up nearish to objectives. If the enemy wants anything other than a draw or loss in an objectives based mission they'll have to come in range of these guys, who can dish out a surprising amount of punishment.

    This leaves 25 points before 1500.

    The general tactics to be employed depend on the enemy.

    At one end of the spectrum if I'm facing a CC oriented army I'll probably allow them to advance on my position while laying down fire. Relying on terrain to give serpents their cover saves. When close enough that next turn they'll be charing some of the guardians will likely mount up in serpents to escape while the melee specialists try and pair up with favorable matches with enemy units. Alternatively if they're slower and short ranged I may then just boost my serpents, sacrifice the poor D-cannons to their fate, and go after the enemies objectives instead, dog piling their typical weaker scoring units that they held back.

    If I'm facing a shooty army the guardians will be looking for great cover or obscurement and donate their serpents. The four serpents and CC units will go flat out with re-rolls to quickly close.

    Once there serpents will likely either be screening melee units from enemy fire, tank shocking, or just laying down fire of their own. The CC units should hold up pretty well to enemy fire. Fortuned scorps laugh off heavy flamers and plasma bounces off fortuned warlocks. I don't know that they'd be able to wipe out an enemy. But they should be able to rack up some kill points or contest some objectives.

    Some specific questions.

    Do you think I should be doing something different with powers?

    Do I need to have a more "in your face" troop element? Most of those are pricey though, so suggest what to drop if you feel this way.

    Should I risk farseers in CC against instant death opponents?

    Do I need to get a 10 man warlock unit to really make things work? For example if I'm going up against something like a C'tan the warlocks are the only thing that can really hurt it fast. And they're good at putting wounds on. But they could also be wiped out or seriously whittled down if they fail to take the C'tan out with their first try.

    Do you think I have too few serpents? Four vehicles at 1500. I'm a little nervous about the amount of fire they might have to take. Granted a serpent's energy field along with a 4+ save with re-roll may mitigate that a lot.

    Do I just have too few units? For the cost of the warlocks and farseer I could add a fifth serpent and a full unit of fire dragons, or a couple groups of jetbikes.

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