1850 Ork Speed Freaks Tournament - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    1850 Ork Speed Freaks Tournament

    I plan on collecting this army for a tournament next month and need some help refining the list. This is one of my first ork lists.... so be as harsh as possible.

    HQ- Warboss- Power Klaw, Boss Pole, Attack Squig, Eavy Armor, Cybork Body-125

    HQ- Big Mek- Kustom Force Field, Big Choppa-90

    Troops- 7x Nobz w/ 1 Painboy- 2xPK, 5xBC, Waaagh Banner, 2x Skorcha; All w/ Eavy armor, cybork bodies-350
    DEDICATED Transport: Battlewagon- Kannon, 4x Rokkit, Red Paint, Armor-155
    (Could probably abuse this squad, but dont feel like it)

    Troops- 12x Slugga Boyz- Nob w/ PK, BP- 112
    DEDICATED Transport: Trukk- AP, Red Paint-50

    Troops- 12x Slugga Boyz- Nob w/ PK, BP- 112
    DEDICATED Transport: Trukk- AP, Red Paint-50

    Troops- 12x Shoota Boyz- Nob w/ BC, BP- 92
    DEDICATED Transport: Trukk- AP, Red Paint-50

    Troops- 19x Ard Boyz (Shootas or Sluggas?)- Nob w/ PK, BP- 230

    Troops- 20x Boyz (Shootas or Sluggas?)- Nob w/ PK, BP- 160

    Heavy Support- Battlewagon- Kannon, 4x Big Shootas, Red Paint, Armor Plates-135

    Heavy Support- Battlewagon- Kannon, 4x Big Shootas, Red Paint, Armor Plates-135


    Pretty straightforward list. Rush at the opponent as fast as possible and pretty much have a 2nd turn definite charge. Thanks for your help! Oh yeah... I dont have the codex in front of me, so some points may be off.
    Bolt Pistol (p99 40k 5th)
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    First of all, welcome to the Orks! Have you checked out the topic in the 2008 index called 'the basics'? If not, I'd definitely check it out. A few people, myself included, put it together as a basic guide for new Ork players.

    Never put a bosspole on an HQ, always put it on the unit they're getting attached to. There's literally no advantage to having it on the boss, and if the boss is killed, then the unit loses it.

    A combi-scorcha or burna would help the big mek a lot more than a big choppa.

    Big choppas aren't very effective, and certainly not worth paying extra for, since you lose your bonus CCW attack when weilding them. I'd drop them all.

    Cybork and 'eavy armor on nobz is overkill. For that cost, it isn't much more to use meganobz or biker nobz. Cybork alone is more than good enough.

    Battlewagons can either hold a lot of guns or be a transport, not both. If it moves a single inch, then you can only fire a single gun, so if it's transporting a unit, there's no point in giving it any more than one gun. If you want your battlewagons to be more powerful, then give them a deffrolla.

    Trukks don't need armor plates (they're too fragile to warrant them), they need rams. Rams allow you to keep them hidden in/behind terrain without much risk of them getting immobilized. Obscurement is the only way to keep trukks alive.
    "Any job worth doing, is worth doing with a powerklaw."

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