1500 pt. Competitive - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    1500 pt. Competitive

    155 Avatar

    187 Howling Banshees(10)
    -exarch, executioner, acrobatic
    130 Waver Serpent
    -eldar missile launcher, Spirit stones
    113 Fire Dragons(6)
    -exarch, crack shot

    167 Guardians (12)
    -warlock, conceal, spirit seer, starcannon,
    169 Guardians (13)
    -warlock, conceal, starcannon
    120 Rangers 5 (5)

    180 Falcon
    -Eldar Missile Launcher, Holo-field, Spirit Stones
    140 Wraithlord
    -2 flamerrs, bright lance, wraithsword
    135 Eldar Warwalker Squadron (3)
    - scatter lasers


    This is my first real Eldar list and I would like some thoughts about the way this army looks,
    I has speed with the elites, and heavy support, and has a foot slogger which is backed up by the wraith lord, avatar, and warwalkers
    any help would be great

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    The Avatar is a solid HQ choice and I'm guessing your taking him for the inspiring ability or w/e its called. I'm a big farseer fan and feel almost every Eldar army should have one. The powers are just too good not to have.

    Banshees are a good solid choice with the wave serpent. I think they're best when you give the Exarch Mirror Swords and have a Farseer cast doom on the unit they're about to charge.
    I'd just have the barebones dragons. They already have devastating weaponry, so they don't really needs the buffs the exarch and powers give them imo.

    I'm not a fan of Guardians. Their armor is pathetic and they just seem out of place in an army as elite as the Eldar. With the avatar inspiring them however they might be better, idk. I'd give them scatter lasers or missile launchers. Starcannons with guardians just aren't that great thanks to their lackluster BS.
    Pathfinders are fine.

    Falcon is perfect.
    Wraithlord is fine.
    Maybe for the walkers, take two with two scatter lasers each rather than 3 with one each for more shots. That should save you 15 points there.

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