So, I have a Farseer, box of rangers, box of avengers, box of reapers and cloudstrike squadron. And because it's almost spring break, when I get back that means some 40k! So I turn to you members of LO to help me find out which one is better! Also, depending on which list would determine what stuff I buy next to expand my collection. Anyway onto the lists.

List 1 (total 1500 )
Warlocksx 4/Embolden/Destructorx3
Fire Dragonsx 6/Exarch/DBF/Crackshot
Harlequinsx 7/Kissx4/shadowseer/troupe master/death jester
Dire Avengersx 10/Exarch/Diresword+pistol/Defend/Bladestorm
Pathfinders x6
Pathfinders x6

Idea here is to have 1 set of pathfinders near home and harlequins in front of them and wraithlord close to negate wriathsight and set up a nice little fire base. Other pathfinders are for annoyance factor or puting them in a falcon to do like sunnyside's moving away guardians. Fire dragons and farseer are in the falcons, most of the time, and flank one side with flamer goodness. Avengers apply pressure on mid field objectives.

List 2 (total 1497 )
Warlock x5/embolden/destructorx3/Spearx1
Fire dragons x6/exarch/DBF/crack shot
Dire Avengers x10/exarch/dual cat/bladestorm
Pathfinders x6
Falcon x2/Stones/HF/EML

This is fully mechanized, but only 4 tanks. Pathfinders actually have their own tranport here and move away when trouble comes. This was an idea of a friend, so I thought I'd put it past you guys here. This idea sounds cool too because there is lightning in 2 squads here which i think is just a cool idea of frying enemies to a crisp with lightning.

Anyway, any ideas, criticism, comments, or whatever you wanna say, just post it.