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    Durn Shooty boss, durn shooty. 1000 point list.

    Here's my list as best I can remember it, since I'm away from my 'dex and army at the moment.

    Big Mek w/shokk attack gun, cybork, bosspole, ammo runt -113
    Big Mek w/Kustom Force Field, cybork -95

    30 shoota boyz w/nob (Powerklaw, bosspole, big shoota, eavy armor), 2 big shoota boyz -240

    20 shoota boyz w/nob (Powerklaw, bosspole), 2 big shootas -170

    Heavy Support
    3 Killa Kanz w/ 2 Kustom Mega Blasters, 1 big shoota -150
    3 Zzap gunz w/ 4 extra grot crew, runtherd -112
    Battlewagon w/deffrolla, 2 big shootas -120

    Total: 1000 points.

    20 boyz go in the wagon, kff mek goes with the boyz on foot. the shokk attack gun will sit with the zzap gunz so he can tak advantage of being able to shoot at different targets, since the gunz are artillery. Kanz go forward in front of the foot boyz, so they're obsucred by the force field, and grant a 4+ cover to the boyz behind them.

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    Not bad, but I'd never use 2 HQs in anything less than a 1500 point game. I'd drop the KFF, as there aren't many units in the army that benefit from them.

    I'd also downgrade the zzzap guns into regular kannons. It's save you quite a few points, and on average they'll actually be stronger than the zzzap gun shots, with better range to boot. Just so you know, if you attach the SAG to the big guns unit (and you should), the SAG and guns are allowed to fire at separate targets. It's a neat little rule buried within the artillery section of the 40k rulebook.

    Never mix weapon types within a unit. Give all the Killa Kans some KMBs, or else just field 2. Having a big shoota in there just confuses things, and won't help much.

    With those points, I'd add 2 units of 12-16 grots w/runtherder, for screening your troops and sitting on objectives. Either that or you could cut the unit of 30 shootas down to 20, and use the combined points to field another unit of 20 shoota boyz. Personally, I never use anything less than 4 scoring troop units whenever possible.

    In any case, good luck!
    "Any job worth doing, is worth doing with a powerklaw."

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