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    1500pts : gonna try this one ( HYBRID )


    shas'o ( CIB,PR,HWMT,Posrelay ) 130
    shas'el ( PR,MP,HWMT,TA ) 97


    12 x FW ( ui,bonded ) + Devilfish ( DP ) 220
    12 x kroot 84
    12 x kroot 84


    crisis monat ( TLPR,TA ) 65
    crisis monat ( TLPR,TA ) 65
    crisis monat ( TLPR,TA ) 65


    8 x pathfinders ( 5 x pulse carbine,3 railrifle ) + Devilfish ( DP,2 seeker missiles ) 231


    Railhead ( RG,BC,DP,MT,TL ) 170
    Ionhead ( IC,BC,DP,MT ) 130
    2 x Broadsides ( TA ) 160

    tOTAL : 1501

    I swapped one railhaed for a ionhead beause of the fact that i fight most of the time against powered armed foes. And a hammerhead with railgun dont earn his points back in that kind of games. So i take one railhead for swarms/anti tank and if your opponent rolling bad marines will fall for this. A ionhead is cheap and also a good anti infantry unit it can also be used for light armored transports ( i dont run deathrains suits so in my eyes he can be handy ) The broadsides are a pain in da ase for tanks. I also swap a krootsquad and some upgrades for a devilfish for my pathfinders so i can benefit maximum from that extra scout move. I also put seeker missiles on the fish for some extra punh where needed, my idea is light a attack bike and see him fly in pieces by a missile. I just hate those annoying attack bikes.

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