I wanted to know if this was a good list for 5th Ed?

Shadow Sun & Co.

Troop: 725
Fire Warrior's [3x11]
Devil Fish w/ DP [3x1]
Kroot [2x10]

Fast: 362
Path Finder [2x8]
Devil Fish w/ DP [2x1]

Broadside: TmLd, ASS, HwDC, 2xSD's [3x2]
Broadside: ASS

Almost all aspects of the list benefit from SS's Ld bubble and the troops are further supported by the PF's.

The lack of MP's is made up for by 6 resilient TLRG's that could benefit from a mark light or two during the course of the battle.

It should be able to deal with High AV lists and snatch some objectives when the time comes, but how would if fare against Swarms or SM equivalent?