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    Which 1000 point doubles list?

    Theres a big 1000 point doubles tourney coming up. Everyone thinks me and my partner are bringing our daemon armies but we're going to surprise them when we show up with eldar. So here's my question which of these two lists do you guys like more, and if you like neither how would you improve upon them. I made these lists to essentially beat nurgle marines and reular SM. I expect lots of that there which is why. while at the same time being competative against every other army. so here goes



    Avatar (one list will have 2 HQ's)

    2X10 man ranger pathfinder units

    10 man wraithguard unit with destructor spirit seer
    20 guardians, with starcannon, conceal warlock

    4Xholo-field, spirit stone, Fire prisms

    *note we're not sharing a force org. counts as two seperate armies in regards the the double eldrad.



    2X10 man wraithguard unit with destructor spirit seer

    2X10 man guardian squads w/scatter laser & conceal warlock (meant to just hold objectives really.)

    18XTwin linked scatter laser war walkers.

    Thoughts? Also question, after re-rolling for twinlinked can you then re-roll becuase of guide? I know you cant re-roll a re-roll but I'm still not familiar w/eldar.

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    You can only re-roll once even if you have guide on a twin-linked weapon. You should never be re-rolling re-rolls.

    I went for the first list because of it's ability to fire 2 large blast S6 AP3 shots every turn, and can re-roll misses on them. That has some pretty damn SERIOUS MEQ killing power. The long range on them combined with the speed should help you keep them out of the way of too much enemy fire as well. Just watch out for melta equipped bikers and land speeders.

    I'm not completely sure seeing as you're using seperate force organisation charts, but I'm pretty dubious about fielding 2 Eldrad Ulthrans, he's a named character...

    You are going to need something to draw fire away from your Prisms and Rangers though - I doubt the guardians will cut it as cannon fodder against MEQ armies.

    ~ Lowell
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