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    1500 - Please Help an Old Noob =)

    Greetings and well met to all,
    This is my 1st post here, although I've been lurking for quite some time. I want to preface this by saying I've played for many years... since the original Rogue Trader, to be precise. But, I've not played 40K since around 2004. Er, 3rd edition. I recently purchased a 5th Edition Rulebook (still waiting for it to arrive) and the latest Tyranids Codex. I'm quite intrigued by their changes. I'm going to just straight up purchase all the models I require for a 1500 pt. army. (I like that number as a good starting point) I have a few thousand points accumulated in other armies, but they're all older figures. I've made my first list and would like some help, thoughts, and opinions from some of you veterans. Any insight would be greatly appreciated. I'm really digging the thought of a nidzilla list. So, without further ado...

    HQ 403 pts.
    Hive Tyrant - Winged, Warp Field, Scytals x2, Flesh Hooks, TS +1 Str, Adrenal Glands, Toxic Miasma - 192

    Hive Tyrant - TS +1 Str, Enhanced Senses, TL Devourers x2,
    Tyrant Guard x2 - 211

    Elites 339 pts.
    Carnifex - Enhanced Senses, TL Devourers x2 - 113
    Carnifex - Enhanced Senses, TL Devourers x2 - 113
    Carnifex - Enhanced Senses, TL Devourers x2 - 113

    Troops 462 pts.
    Spinegaunts x17 - 85
    Spinegaunts x17 - 85
    Spinegaunts x17 - 85

    Genestealers x9 - Scuttlers & Extended Carapace - 207

    Heavy Support 296 pts.
    Carnifex - Enhanced Senses, Venom Cannon, Barbed Strangler - 148
    Carnifex - Enhanced Senses, Venom Cannon, Barbed Strangler - 148

    1500 Total

    Leaves me sitting on 69 models total, 60 Troops, 92 wounds, 7 MCs, and 9 models T6

    I love the thought of a winged terror, a pure CC monster. My concern there is that he won't make his points back. I guess I really just want the guy because he appeals to the most basic of my male carnal instincts. Fear factor is nice too. Could always deepstrike the flyrant. The other tyrant and guard are meant to walk, absorb fire, shoot away, and provide meager synapse support for the leading spinegaunts. Although, I'm not sure that will be enough. I'm not adverse to the idea of switching the roles of my tyrants and making my winged CC tyrant into a shooty one and making my shooty tyrant with the two guard my CC one so I can fully utilize the CC abilities of his guard. The points would be the same either way and I would fleet the unit into battle as quickly as possible.

    I'm hoping for the gaunts to provide cover for the walking tyrant and the 3 elite fexes with their short shooting range. I could potentially drop the gaunt squads to 13, 14, & 15 models, adding WoN to the 15 man squad and run them up the board 1st to provide cover. That would still be exactly 1500 pts. Ideally, the genies will be able to use their scuttling to enter the fray from a place that really makes my opponent unhappy, >=) or be able to move through some decent cover and take advantage of their carapace en route to flanking an enemy squad. <crosses fingers>

    Finally, the two heavy fexes will try to stay back and fire their long range weapons to thin the enemy herd and crash some tanks/transport. But, the best laid plans of mice and men... yadda yadda...

    So, to make a short post long... that's what I'm "hoping" for. I like the thought of a nidzilla army. The models are great. I've already begun painting and converting a tyrant I picked up for motivation. This should tide me over until my true love, the Dark Eldar, get their new codex and models. Please feel free to rip this list apart and show me constructively what I'm doing wrong and how I might best improve it... or what I'm doing right. =) Thanks again!

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    Considering you havnt actually read the rulebook yet, this is a very strong list. i love winged cc flyrant for all the reasons youve said, plus they can be a nightmare to most things. In general my flyrant always makes its points back in games, be that by killing tanks or by taking out the opponents Hq's. As for the second tyrant, its tried and tested. only thing i can surgest is extended carapace on the tyrant so when you get hit by ap3 weapons, the tyrant can take the wound and most likely save it. 3 fexs are very nice, and sniper fexs can work. I do prefer to use 1 with 2 cc fexs, as they arnt that great at killing tanks. theyre perfectly capable, but it might take a while. only major point is the lack of synapse. If you try to keep 51 gaunts within range of the tyrants youll either realy constrict your movement or your tyrants will have to restrict themselves. If you havent got the points to spare for some heavy synapse, just 3 spinefist warriors at 54 points works for me. Other than that, a very nice list
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