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    1500 Tourney list

    My list for tomorrow. This army is completly borrowed due to my current army is unfinished.

    Autarch on jetbike. Laser lance

    Dire avengers (9) exarch blade storm and shimmershield
    wave serp with star cannon

    Dire avengers (9) Exarch blade storm dire sword
    Wave serp with Star cannon

    Guardian storm squad 10 total & a Warlock with witchblade. Enhance
    Wave serpent Bright lances

    Viper Squadron (3) Scatter lasers

    Fire Dragons (5) Exarch with firepike
    Wave serpent Missile launcher

    Viper Squadron (2) Star cannons

    1500 points on the Dot.

    No real chance to change it at this point. I could have run 5 jet bikes in there. 1 with a S. Cannon and a Falcon with Starcannon are left over.

    If anyone cares ill post a tourney report on how this turns out.


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    Autarch on alone will be easily hunted. He can be shot at and is exactly as tough as three Marines in cover. And even if he reaches combat, if he won't break enemy on the charge (not very likely)he'll stick there, get surrounded and killed easily.

    If you go for bladestorm and mount in serpent I believe that dual catapults would be better used. Shimmershield works well with Defend or both Powers.

    Diresword sucks like hell. Exarch get's only one attack more and the squad becomes vulnerable in combat. And even you EVER find a character and even hit, wound and pass his inv with your Diresword, it is not very likely that he fails Ld test on Ld 10 or 9.

    Enhance won't make Storms any better in combat. Combat is addition, they are taken for 'Fry deluxe' - 2 Flamers + Destructor.

    Vipers with Scatters are ok, but I'd personally decrease their number to 2.

    Dragons do not need Firepike and Exarch. Just get 5 or 6 naked Dragons and they will fry almost any vehicle without problems. It's 20 points you could spend better.

    Vypers with Starcannons... and now I see that two Serpents have Starcannons too... Do you want me to prove that in 5 edition Starcannons suck (and are costly like hell) or will you just belive my words?

    Lances do not perform very well two, but are usable... However, if you have Dragons... and could get Missiles...

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    I care for tourney report
    This Planet Is Murder

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