I'd like to get feedback on this list. I'll give the roster and then the strategy and possible modifications will follow:

hq (ride with dire avengers):
farseer w/ doom, fortune, spirit stones, spear
farseer w/ guide, fortune, spirit stones, spear

9 Dire avengers, 1 exarch w/ twin cats, bladestorm
waveserpent with eml

6 jetbikes w/ 2 cannons, 1 warlock w/ destructor
9 jetbikes w/ 3 cannons

elite (ride in falcons):
6 harlies w/ kisses
6 fire dragons

falcon w/ cannon, holofields, spirit stones

3 warwalkers
with scatter lasers

strategy is to use guide first turn on walkers, who will either severely damage an infantry squad or destroy a light vehicle squad/transport.
move up dragons who will either tank hunt or melt 2+ armor. Guide as necessary.
harlies will clean up what dragons start (reason for kisses) or deal with some lightly armored troops or intercept.
jetbikes do their thing, fortuning as necessary. warlock moves up to deal with pathfinders or other annoying cover saves.
transports will be fortuned as necessary.
dire avengers to kill infantry.
farseers will tank hunt if absolutely necessary. mostly they are dooming/guiding and fortuning.
4 tanks with str 8 weapons to try and shake/stun enemy tanks until fire dragons can deal with them.

destructor might not be necessary. embolden + spear might be a better (more conservative) combo.
harlies could be switched out for scorpions with exarch with claw. Not sure which would be better.

common eldar drawbacks, which is to say, if one squad fails, its difficult for another to pick up the slack. i think i've mitigated this by including s8 weapons and singing spears which are both very versatile.

I appreciate all criticism/help.