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    1600 hybrid list

    This is my first army for wh40k. It has foot and mech elements, so it's considered hybrid. I'll start with some part of it and will expand by buying more minis... Want to know how playable it will be, and I hope it won't use no-brainer boring tactic.
    Theme is some kind of Ulthwe, mostly because I like Farseer stuff and color scheme, hehe. Don't like guardians though.

    Farseer, doom, spear
    Farseer, doom, spear

    10 x Dire Avengers, dual ASC, bladestorm; Serpent, BL
    10 x Dire Avengers, dual ASC, bladestorm; Serpent, BL
    10 x Guardians, spiritseer, embolden, spear, scatter

    9 x Warp Spiders, dual DS, blades

    10 x Striking Scorpions, claw, biting, shadowstrike, stalker

    Wraithlord, BL, sword
    Wraithlord, BL, sword

    Pretty straightforward one, isn't it? Maybe I'll drop a few things for guardians on bikes for fast capture (66pt) or change one BL for Scatter. Still thinking about these points floating around.
    Tactics is obvious but seems like challenge anyway: seers with DA, go forward, disembark, outflank, jump thru the warp - then kill every thinking/stinking thing enemy dare to put against me.

    My opponents will be: IG, IG, Tau, ?Tau, Nids, Orks, Templars, Wolves, Ultra, ?Necrons. Dunno who else and not sure about one Tau and Necro.

    So, any opinions? Maybe it's vulnerable a lot against something? Or I need to drop some rarely used stuff?

    EDIT: After some insights, squeezed in two little Wraithlords (god I love the minis) with babysitter squad, instead of Dragons and other stuff.

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