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Thread: 1500 v csm

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    1500 v csm

    I made this list specifically to beat my friends Plague marine, thousand son list, that mech. Since I want to table him (for being a dirty b%$#ard) I wanted to know what you guys thought.

    Uge choppa
    eavy armour
    cybork body
    attack squig
    Twin-linked shoota

    See above

    5 mega nobs, mix of kombi-weapons (where'd that high toughness&FNP go?)

    5 mega nobs, mix of kombi weapons

    10 grots, slaver (hold objectives)

    3X15man loota units (that'll get him out of those rhinos)

    Hvy support
    2Xbattle wagons w/ deff rolla, 3 big shootas, red paint job, and grot rigger. (take 2d6 str. 10 hits 1k sons!)

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    Hello Girlhunter, and welcome to the Orks! Didn't I see you in the Chaos Demons section?

    Anyway, have you checked out the topic in the 2008 Ork Index called 'the basics'? If not, then I'd definitely check it out. A few people including myself put it together as a basic guide to the Orks.

    First and foremost, the warbosses need bosspoles. For practically no points at all, it effectively increases the leadership of a unit by 2. They're a must have, especially with nobz! When using nobz always get a bosspole into the unit. Normally you'd give it to the nobz themselves, but since meganobz can't take them, you should give them to the warbosses.

    I don't like attack squigs, and I certainly wouldn't use it unless the boss had a powerklaw. I see what you're doing with the big choppas, and that's fine, but I'd lose the attack squigs.

    Never mix combi-weapons in a unit. Better yet, never use combi-rokkits. They're a rip-off, considering that for every three you buy, you'll only get one hit per game. Besides, Meganobz are already fantastic against armor. Give them combi-scorchas instead.

    You're going overboard with the lootas. They're nice, but what if the mission is 'dawn of war'? They're going to miss the first round of shooting, and may never get into a good firing position. Also, they can't take a bosspole, so I'd keep them in smaller units, to minimize your losses. 3 units is fine, but don't use more than 9 lootas in each unit.

    Why 3 big shootas on the battlewagons? If it moves a single inch, you'll only be able to fire 1 of them. If it's going to be a transport, don't give them more than one gun. Also, make them dedicated transports for the meganobz. That way they'll be able to deploy together at the start of the game, even if the mission is 'dawn of war'.

    This gives you around 300 points, and I'd spend them on a fast unit or two, to help support the battlewagons and take advantage of the cover they provide. Trukkboyz would work best, since you're short on troops. Warbikes, 20 shoota boyz in a battlewagon, rokkit buggies, and deffkoptas also work well.

    In any case, good luck!
    "Any job worth doing, is worth doing with a powerklaw."

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