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    750 Far too much Nob List

    So, apparently when I thought I grabbed two boxes of boyz I accidently grab one box o' boyz and another of nobz. Rather than fumed about it I decided to see what I could make of the situation:


    Warboss w/ PK, BP and Twin-linked Shoota 95pts


    8 Nobz w/ Big Choppas 200 pts

    12 Slugga Boyz w/ PK Nob and Trukk 142pts

    12 Slugga Boyz w/ PK Nob and Trukk 142pts

    20 Shoota Boyz w/ PK Nob 165 pts

    744pts total

    Comments and suggestions welcome. Also I'm curious as to how I ought outfit those nobz

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    Don't bother with Big Choppas, the fact that they don't ignore armor saves, they are hardly worth their points. You want to give Nobs some sort of transport in order to make it to the enemy with enough force to make a big difference. Bikes or a Trukk seems to work best. Also, try to make one a Painboy, FnP is a lifesaver, and makes them leagues more survivable, and Cybork is always a nice option.

    Nobs NEED Klaws, at least 2-3 in a unit, those things are just top notch, and almost every unit that can take one should (Meks being one exception).

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