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    Anti-Tank List 1500pt

    Most of the people that play in my local gaming club play either SM, IG, or Eldar, so I end up facing enemies with either long-range weapons and/or lots of tanks. To combat this, I've decided to tool my list toward getting my army into CC as soon as possible, as well as to add in some more MCs to contend with the tanks.


    Hive Tyrant (2x TL-D, ES, TS) w/ 3 Tyrant Guard 256

    Hive Tyrant (2x ST, TS, W, BP, WF) 186


    12 Spinegaunts 60

    12 SpineGaunts 60

    8 Spinegaunts w/ WoN 64

    8 Genestealers (Sc, FT) 160

    8 Genestealers (Sc, FT) 160


    Lictor 80

    Fast Attack

    Red Terror 104

    Heavy Support

    Old One Eye 199

    Carnifex (BE, EC, RC, TM, 2x ST) 169

    Total: 1498 points

    Red Terror and Lictor will deep strike and assault tanks. Old One Eye, Melee Carnifex, and Melee HT will assault from the front. 2nd HT with guard will provide cover to gaunts as they advance, and genestealers will outflank.


    Last edited by transplanar; April 5th, 2009 at 20:12. Reason: Forgot warp field on flying hive tyrant and adjusted genestealers

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    nice list just a couple of things to point out.

    Your CC tyrant is way out on points, i get about 140-150. I asume youve put warp feild on but forgot to write it in. if not, you should have it anyway.

    Also with the stealers you should consider swaping acid maw for feeder tendrills. Not only is it cheaper but its effect is on permenantly rather than just the first round of combat.

    Just as a final point, im sure you know that you need to ask permision to field the characters but some people willl be picky, so dont rely on them and have an alternative handy

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