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    Advice on Unmade List

    So I've tried, tested and used every Chaos army there is. And I'm after something new, the tyranids have always been my next choice. I've got the codex and had a few shots at writing my own list, however I feel a more experienced player would give me a huge insight to how to tailor my army.

    So, does anyone feel like writing me a 1000, 1500 and 2000 points list? The below list is what I'd like to use, they appeal to me - but feel free to adjust the quantities to make the list better.

    -Dakka walkrant with appropriate number of guard
    -Genestealers with outflank
    -5 - 6 carnifexs, 2 dakka, 2 sniper/boom, maybe 2 cc ones? whatevers suitable!
    -2-3 zoanthropes? synapse + warpblast
    -The rest filled with a good amount of troops to sort objectives.

    I look forward to all your input =D

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    What you are looking for is a standard Nidzilla build. Rather than repeat so much of what has already been discussed on this forum, I'd suggest you take a look at the army list threads and read through them. There are a good amount that will cover exactly what you are looking for. That will give you an understanding of what thought process and experience went into each list. Once you have done that we can discuss specifics.

    Otherwise, welcome to the nids...

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